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Ever heard of Coffee Leaf Tea? It's smooth, sustainable, packed with antioxidants, and it's breaking the poverty cycle for coffee farmers | #CoffeeLeafTea Coffee farms are only profitable three months of the year due to the short harvest season. In Latin America, where countries are highly dependent on coffee exports, a slight drop in world market prices can have a butterfly effect and create deadly socio-economic crises. But what if, with one simple idea, we can stabilize this industry and prevent these issues from happening in the first place? Introducing Coffee Leaf Tea, an infusion made from the coffee plant’s leaves, not the bean. Coffee leaves grow year-round, require minimal maintenance for disease prevention, and they are easy to cultivate. By cultivating the leaves, coffee experts like our friend Enrique can make the most of this prolific plant and generate a secondary revenue stream. This creates year-round jobs in their communities, and stabilizes the industry with a long-term solution. This idea originally started as a grad school project back in 2013. Once we realized the positive impact it would have across Latin America, we found academic research that exposed the coffee plant’s best kept secret: the leaves are packed with antioxidants! To confirm these unbelievable results, we went down to Nicaragua--one of Latin America’s most dependent countries on coffee exports. This is where we met Armando and worked closely with him to develop the idea. After a few months of testing different varieties, and we are proud to introduce Armando’s Original Blend. Unexpectedly, this infusion has very low caffeine, similar to a decaf coffee. So, not only does this innovative organic brew revolutionize the coffee industry, it does your body some good, and does coffee farming families some awesome.

Coffee Leaf Tea
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