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Our Story. A mom and a daughter take a road trip. Along the way, one gets hungry. As usual the other is in a hurry. They need a quick snack. Both are healthy eaters, both foodies, both picky. They'd eaten way too many Clifs, Kinds, Lunas and Laras and craved something whole and crunchy—not pulverized—a protein fix with a smidge of sweet and a touch of chocolate. Alas. Nada. No crunchy, no delicious minimally-processed, no high-protein low-sugar chocolate combo in sight. Only bars. Lots of bars. Farther down the road and really hungry, they know what needs to be done. By the time they return home, they’re on a mission: Transform the chocolate covered almond from a chemically infused confection into a healthy indulgent snack. Breezy's other half, Lizzie (who found her in a cupboard on their first day of preschool), immediately declares the idea genius and lends her own brilliance to the venture. Together the 3 source fair-trade artisan dark chocolate and PPO-free almonds (what is jet fuel doing in an almond anyway?) They run batch after batch perfecting glaze and roast. They slim down the coating. They refuse to add petroleum-based paraffin to their chocolate or shellac their nuts in artificial glaze. Instead they develop the proprietary and pure fruit powder finishes that differentiate Wild Things from anything else. Enter Chrissy, best buddy and natural-born wild thing. From the first bite she believes. Her hi-octane enthusiasm helps propel the venture ahead and the 4 let Wild Things loose on the world. Today our little nuts are BIG on goodness and WILDLY delicious. We’re proud to have created a healthy natural snack that is most often described in a single word: Addictive. And the best part? The journey. You never know what's down the road. Live happy. Be wild.

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