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Kosher authentic Italian pizzas, handmade! Now available at your grocer's freezer. Cholov Yisroel, under Rav Garelik & Weissmandl. Tuscanini is made in Italy by real Italian chefs using only fresh, farm-raised local produce and products. What’s more, every personal pie is hand kneaded, hand-tossed and hand crafted by your own personal Italian chef. The café-style crust is thin and crispy, the tomato paste handmade and unprocessed. Each Tuscanini pie gets baked without the cheese in a brick wood-fired oven. The fresh julienned cheese tops the pizza and gets flash frozen immediately thereafter, unbaked. The difference is in the pizza! Glistening, freshly melted cheese rounds out the blissful at-home restaurant pizza experience. A true gourmet delight that will electrify your palate with its tastiness. But of course, the downside is once you try Tuscanini, there is no going back. Tuscanini can be found at the frozen section of your local supermarket. Tuscanini personal pies comes in four flavors; Classico, Mushroom, Grilled Vegetable and Four Cheese. The Tuscanini flabread pizza comes in two flavors; Tomato and Cheese, and Mushroom and Cheese.

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