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A couple from Barcelona and California were exploring in the jungle and discovered Breadfruit! They loved the versatility of it's neutral flavor, and saw endless possibilities for incorporating it into food products. They both struggle with digestive issues, including a diagnosis of inflammatory autoimmune disease. They modified their diet to become gluten free, grain free, dairy free, mostly plant based and have been able to keep the symptoms and disease at bay with no medications. Eating this way is important to them so they can live happy and feel healthy. Our plant based dry pasta product is made with an underutilized sustainable superfood. We feel it’s our responsibility to future generations and to the planet to create sustainable products. By increasing demand for Breadfruit, there is opportunity given to generate income for farmers in developing countries. The tropical fruits are the future! Breadfruit needs no irrigation due to its tropical environment! Breadfruit grows on a tree and doesn’t need replanting for 60-70 years. A single Breadfruit tree can produce up to 500 fruits per year. Made from a new tropical superfood BREADFRUIT !!! Our breadfruit pasta is sustainable, nutrient dense, antioxidant loaded, and made from a healthy tropical fruit flour. We offer an alternative to regular boring pasta, without the bloat of pure lentil pasta! VEGAN - GRAIN FREE - GLUTEN FREE - NON GMO- ORGANIC - DAIRY FREE

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Pasta from the Jungle: New Grain Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, organic pasta made from a new superfood, tropical fruit: BREADFRUIT! Family friendly pasta made from a sustainable fruit. Fruit Flour Pasta. Made from Organic Ingredients. Healthy Plant Based alternative pasta. High Protein pasta. Sustainable Superfood. FREE SHIPPING!