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Forget everything you thought you knew about decaf coffee, because Savorista is not your typical caffeine-free brew. We use only the highest quality beans, decaffeinate them with natural ingredients and roast them fresh in small batches, after you order them. Savorista was started for people who don’t want to choose between great tasting coffee and feeling their best. The caffeine conscious movement has been adopted by those who are looking to boost their natural energy, improve their sleep habits, and reduce the jittery feelings often associated with stress or anxiety, among other health reasons. Founder Kait Brown drinks minimal caffeine because she lives her best life without being overly caffeinated and now is propelled on sleep and not caffeine. It all started in 2018, when long-time coffee lover Kait found herself in a period of extreme stress. Facing work and family stress,, Kait turned to drinking copious cups of coffee to make it through each stressful day. This, however, left her unable to get a good night’s sleep and ultimately, she made the choice to cut the caffeine altogether. As a longtime barista and coffee lover, the idea of drinking bland or low-quality decaf seemed terribly unappealing. That’s when she decided to leave her career, pack a bag and set out on a global quest to find the most delicious, flavorful decaf the world has to offer and start Savorista. Kait has sampled hundreds of beans and worked with experts from coffee producing countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, Rwanda and Kenya to ensure that Savorista offers caffeine-conscious coffee lovers the absolute tastiest and most natural decaf imaginable. As a quality standard, Kait believes that Savorista decaf should be so good, you’re shocked to learn that it’s actually a decaf coffee! She began this mantra after tasting a decaf coffee in Colombia that she truly could not believe was a decaffeinated brew. Knowing this was a perfect choice for Savorista, that coffee is known today as our San Agustin Colombian decaf. With four incredible brews, Savorista breaks the stigma that decaf coffee is undesirable. Coffee should be worth savoring, so why is decaf any different? If you prefer a quality brew without the jitters Savorista has got you covered.

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