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The Primal Essence line of savory and sweet coconut oils and fine teas is manufactured using only the highest grade, Certified Organic herb and spice extracts available. There is no need for artificial flavorings and chemical additives when there is an abundance of natural spices, ginger and chai tea spices available. Primal Essence's manufacturing process results in a pure, chemical-free, alcohol-free extracts that preserve the full flavor and aroma of the ingredients. Primal Essence utilizes only the cleanest extraction technologies including natural carbon dioxide gas under high pressure. For over fifteen years, Primal Essence has been trusted to supply these healthy extracts and wholesale teas to the food and beverage industries, and the food service industry, including restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, hospitals and other institutions. Rediscover the reviving properties of medicinal tea or experience the uplifting qualities of Tumeric Tulsi,Classic Chai and Vanilla Chai. When you purchase Primal Essence organic teas you’ll enjoy an astounding consistency of robust flavor in one small package. There are no artificial solvents in our process. Just add a few squirts of one of Primal Essence organic teas into water or to your favorite hot or cold beverage, then sit back and prepare to let the exotic flavors soothe your senses. One whiff of the natural tea flavors of Lemon Ginger, Peppermint Splash or Tumeric Tulsi and you’ll instantly be transported to your favorite faraway places. A few drops of these powerful plant extracts transform drinking water (hot or cold) into an instantly delicious beverage. These organic super teas are a tasty alternative to high priced, unhealthy sugar drinks!

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