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Ginger's Healthy Habits

Ginger's Healthy Habits
Company: Ginger's Healthy Habits


Using too much heat to prepare vegetables is one of the quickest ways to deplete their precious nutrients and enzymes. Luckily, our chips have all of their goodness intact thanks to our air-crisped process. All of our chips are prepared by hand. After cleaning and cutting our leaves and vegetables, we carefully mix them with our exciting all natural flavors to make sure they’re evenly coated. Then, it’s time to bring on the heat! We never cook our snacks. Instead, we air crisp our products at a low temperature, which maintains most of their nutritional value. Our technique also achieves a satisfying crunch without baking or frying, so we can eliminate the fat and calories of cooking oils and add just a sprinkle of EVOO for flavor. After a severl hours of low heat, you’ve got the liveliest snack you’ve ever chomped. FOLLOW

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