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Gharana Foods
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At Gharana Foods, it's our mission to bring authentic ethnic snacks to our customers focusing on clean label (easy to read ingredients) without using any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. We want to make our snacks known in the mainstream marketplace by making better choices about our ingredients, our packaging, and our overall impact to our communities.

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Indian grocery stores across the US


Our Story We are a family-owned & operated business that originally started out of our mother’s home back in 2004. She started Gharana Foods with just one snack – chakri – in one store, selling about fifty packets a week. As word of mouth spread about our quality and flavor, store owners began contacting us directly requesting our product be placed on their shelves. As a family (mom, dad, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law), we pooled together all of our resources and took a leap of faith. We expanded our operations to a retail space of about 1000 square feet with no loading dock, no storage space, and a small fryer. We worked 70 hours a week to make our first month's orders. This volume was just enough to pay our retail bills, house bills, and pay our one employee. As we made operational improvements, we were able to do more production in less time. This allowed us to push, grow, improve, gain efficiency, and expand with more product offerings. Today, we have about twelve employees and operate in a 6000 square foot warehouse. We have never advertised our brand or our snacks. We are a premium brand that has organically grown from one product to ten and from one store to hundreds. Our quality speaks for itself and our customers share the message. Every start-up story has its adversity and ours is no different. Sleepless nights, fatigue, not enough staff are just a few of the challenges we’ve encountered over the last 15 years. We are stronger because of this and we push ourselves every day to continue the traditions our parents started, maintain our high quality, overcome the challenges in front of us, and be better than the day before.