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Don't Go Nuts

Don't Go Nuts
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Nut free, gluten free, organic. Safe, healthy and delicious. We get it. We have a nut allergy, too. Six yummy flavors of nut-free nutritional energy bars: Blueberry Blast (A Fiesta of Blueberries and White Chocolate), Boogie Board Bash (White Chocolate in a Sea of Honey Graham), Celestial Campout (S'more Crunch with S'more White Chocolate), Gorilla Power (Chocolate Chips Swinging in a Granola Jungle) and Lift Service (XTREME Brownie with White Chocolate Tracks), Whitewater Chomp (Class V White Chocolate and Granola) Five delicious flavors of non-GMO soy butter - great for sandwiches, snacks and your favorite baked goods recipes: Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar, Slightly Sweet, Lightly Sea Salted, Pure Unsalted.

Chewy Granola Bars
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