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18 Foods Nosh'd
4 years ago
Great chicken and sides. The Shut The Cluck Up heat level is deadly!
5 years ago
Nice-sized sandwich with good meat combination. Not a transcendental pastrami/corned beef experience, but a satisfying one. Comes on very fresh rye bread with Russian dressing, with a pickle and a side (I had the cole slaw).
5 years ago
Excellent pastrami Reuben: the meat is tender and not overly salty, and the bread has a great crunch off the grill. The potato salad is very nice, too.
6 years ago
Rather like a pasty - mushroom filling in a deep-fried crust. Needs more filling, but it is tasty.
6 years ago
Reuben sandwich in a spring roll! Corned beef, cheese and sauerkraut rolled in a lumpia wrapper, deep-fried and served with 1000 Island for dipping - delicious!
6 years ago
You don't HAVE to get the ghost chile hot sauce. Without it, this dish has a delicious sweetness from the green chutney that compliments the garbanzos and chicken and pieces of samosa wrapper. But the hot sauce makes this a transcendental experience, a real dance with the Devil!
6 years ago
Light matzoh ball with a good al dente texture and chicken flavor in a tasty broth.
6 years ago
Tasty nuggets served with a savory tomato jam.
6 years ago
Amazing crunch, texture and flavor to the falafel balls themselves. Interesting and tasty pickled vegetables, fried onions and other items as add-ins. Delicious sauces to top it all off.
6 years ago
Perfectly nice straight-up Margarita - the twist is that it's made with jalapeƱo-infused tequila, so instead of taking a sip to cool off the spice, you take a sip to kick it up.
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