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Background | What is this Nosh you speak of?

Imagine it's Friday night and you're having dinner with friends at that new French place next to the Walgreens. "What's good here?" you helplessly query the waiter. His response of "everything" is endlessly frustrating and unhelpful. As you ponder your choices, your friends frantically scan through the restaurant reviews for mentions of food or hints of tasty dishes. No clues. Undaunted, you wing it, "I'll have the grouper!" you exclaim proudly. Menus are whisked away, conversation ensues. Minutes later the grouper appears: a slimy assortment of mystery fish parts and soggy couscous! Gasps of horror percolate down the table.

As you strategically avoid eating (or even looking at) your doomed order, you notice diners at adjacent tables are eating with remarkable ease. Their phones are out as they laugh and take pictures of wondrous looking dishes -- no grouper in sight. What magic is this? How did they navigate this menu so expertly? Days later you will learn that there was a app called Nosh involved -- of course! Now it all becomes clear.

In the end, paper menus kind of suck. What’s the best dish at this place? What’s the worst? Have my friends ever been here? What should I order! These are all questions we want to know when we sit down to eat.

A paper menu couldn’t tell us these things so we built an app that could.

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Team | Who put what where

Nosh was created by a bunch of hungry people in a pool house. At least, that’s where it started. These days the team has a fancy name (Firespotter Labs) as well as some new digs in the Bay Area, California. They’re no longer working out of a pool house, but they’re still hungry and Noshing their way around the country.

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