NOSH: Market Share with Jodi Benson of General Mills

Dec. 3, 2020 at 1:08 PM

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In this episode of Market Share, host Carol Ortenberg, the editor of NOSH, will talk with Jodi Benson, Chief Innovation, Technology and Quality Officer for General Mills. They’ll discuss how Jodi marries product innovation with consumer trends to create a balance that both is approachable but yet also pushes the company forward.

With this series, executives will share key lessons that viewers can apply at their own companies.

In this episode, Jodi shares:

How to embrace innovation while also continuing to nurture legacy brands and products with existing consumer expectations.
How to think about the cadence of innovation and what role retailers play in this process.
Why brands don’t need to “test big to learn big.”
How to emphasize value while also balancing the idea of “simple splurges”
How the pandemic has impacted the company’s innovation pipeline and what trends she believes will last beyond 2020.