Market Share with Rachel Drori of Daily Harvest

May. 20, 2021 at 5:02 PM

In this episode of Market Share, host Carol Ortenberg, the editor of NOSH, speaks with Rachel Drori, founder and CEO of frozen meal provider Daily Harvest on taking direct-to-consumer brands out to the public. 


This month Daily Harvest opened its first “Tasting Room.” In this episode Drori shares why she and her team opened this Chicago brick-and-mortar location and what she gains by meeting consumers where they are and having face-to-face interactions. 

In this episode, Drori shares: 

  • How in person, experiential marketing can complement a direct-to-consumer sales strategy. 

  • How an experiential marketing event can help a brand reach new shoppers as well as build loyalty with existing customers. 

  • Why selling products at these events may be just as important as sampling. 

  • Whether or not to use data from experiential marketing to guide your innovation strategy.