How Caulipower Went All in, And Fast

Jun. 19, 2019 at 7:22 PM

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Sometimes you hit a moment where a launch aligns with changes in the public consciousness. But then the task comes to extend that moment. That’s what happened for Caulipower CEO and founder Gail Becker, who established her vegetable-forward frozen food brand in 2017. With the launch of her frozen cauliflower pizzas and tortillas, sweet potato “toast” slices and, most recently, cauliflower crusted chicken tenders, Becker offered shoppers clean-label versions of their favorite comfort foods that embraced convenience and taste. And in return, shoppers took a big bite -- buying over 10 million pizzas alone in 2018. Given that growth, it would be easy to neglect the brand in place of distribution wins, supply chain stresses, sales calls and scaling operations. But at NOSH Live Summer 2019 in a presentation and Q&A with NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg, Becker told the audience how she continued to make the company’s brand a priority throughout her products’ rapid ascent. In the video above, Becker explores not only what rules in the world of growth that need to be followed, but also which ones can be broken. She also examines how focusing on brand can create a community of fans that will follow you into new categories and channels and push your company to new heights. Learn more about NOSH Live, a two-day conference for the natural food industry, at

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