ESI Nutrition Evolving to Become Laïta Nutrition

ESI Nutrition is evolving to become Laïta Nutrition.

About two years ago, Laïta launched ESI Nutrition to bring all its health and nutrition activities under a single banner in an effort to create synergies between existing structures and to simplify communication. “This new division was established with the ambition to grow global awareness around the new ‘brand’ and its premium ready-to-market nutrition-oriented offerings. With streamlined processes, a dedicated team, and some enhanced marketing efforts, over two years we were able to increase ESI Nutrition’s visibility tremendously”, reveals Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager at Laïta Nutrition.

Nutrition is one of Laïta’s 4 main markets. Today, in order to take its nutrition business to the next level, the company decided to change the banner associated with this market and call it ‘Laïta Nutrition’. It will simplify communication, enhance visibility, and strengthen its position as a global B to B leader in the highly demanding market of medical, infant, and adult diet nutrition. “This change stems from the will to strengthen our brand as a leader in designing and supplying high quality, ready-to-use, bespoke nutritional solutions with our customers’ branding, for all areas of the health and nutrition market”, explains Mathieu Lucot. “We are committed to supporting brands and helping them gain an edge in these highly demanding markets, not only with our products but also by providing one-on-one support to set them apart from the competition and achieve a reduced time-to-market for their latest products”, he adds.

The new logo will combine the composition and colors of ESI Nutrition with the name and font of the original Laïta logo; thus, ensuring continuity and building upon ESI Nutrition’s acquired brand recognition.

The company plans to progressively roll out this new identity to all materials, both print and digital. “We are really excited about this evolution which represents a strategic milestone in our efforts to better support nutrition brands in their new developments”, comments Mathieu Lucot.

Feel free to get in touch if you wish to learn more about Laïta Nutrition and its full spectrum of nutrition-oriented solutions for market segments such as infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, healthy aging, etc.

About Laita Nutrition

Belonging to the French company Laïta, Laïta Nutrition specializes in the development, industrialization and manufacturing of ready-to-market high-end nutritional products for its clients in the B to B sector. Thanks to cutting-edge industrial tools, Laïta Nutrition can manufacture very specific products, in both powder and liquid forms for all nutrition markets. Combining a deep knowledge of dairy processing and 30+ years of experience in health and nutrition markets, Laïta Nutrition offers individualized support to their customers; giving them access to a dedicated team of experts continuously working on developing solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each of them

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