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Rocky Mountain Foods Announces Raw Hemp Seed Processing Technology

DENVER– Rocky Mountain Foods is ramping up to sell Edible Hemp Seeds manufactured with an innovative food safety intervention process. The new technology is called Neo-Pure and it preserves the natural taste, aroma and nutrition of the product.

“Our Hemp Seeds taste the same as if they were freshly harvested from the field. It’s truly amazing!” said Jeremy Schneider, quality assurance manager at Rocky Mountain Foods. “Our Neo-Pure process is unique in that it is organic and non-thermal. We’re able to provide a product that tastes and smells incredible and at the same time continues to meet FDA food safety standards. “

Unlike many food safety intervention processes where heat is involved, Rocky Mountain Foods is able to preserve the farm-fresh taste and texture of the raw hemp seed. The Neo-Pure process uses an organic plant-based liquid solution to control pathogens by misting it onto the seeds. Then, the solution completely biodegrades leaving the product unaltered.

Rocky Mountain Foods plans to expand its use of Neo-Pure towards a variety of products in addition to our Hemp Seed offerings. Unlike traditional pasteurization, Neo-Pure provides a non-thermal reduction of pathogens that could be beneficial to a multitude of products. The process can be applied to seeds, grains and nuts without any product damage. With taste, smell and texture being unaffected by the curing process, these products can be enjoyed as nature intended.

For more information about how we can help you incorporate this innovative curing process into your product offerings, please contact the Rocky Mountain Foods team at (303) 371-3511.

About Rocky Mountain Foods, Inc.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Foods has over 20 years of experience providing snacks, mixes and raw ingredients, as well as custom shelf solutions for grocery chains. Their products are sold nationwide across three brands, Peak Reserve, Rocky Mtn Provisions and Free Range Snack Co. along with private label offerings.

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