WACKER Presents Alpha-Dextrin for Egg-Free Baked Goods at IFT

MUNICH & CHICAGO — At the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2018 WACKER is presenting its alpha-dextrin CAVAMAX W6, the innovative solution for reduced-egg or egg-free baked goods. The soluble dietary fiber CAVAMAX W6 has an emulsifying and stabilizing effect in a wide variety of bakery products. Layer and sponge cakes, waffles, muffins or brioches made with CAVAMAX W6 are as light and fluffy as consumers know and expect from baked goods made conventionally with egg. At the same time, the use of alpha-dextrin achieves cost reductions of up to 40 percent compared to egg-containing products. A purely vegan product, CAVAMAX W6 is low in calories and cholesterol- and fat-free, and is produced from renewable raw materials. The IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo is held in Chicago, USA, from July 15 through 18, 2018.

At IFT 2018, WACKER is presenting CAVAMAX W6, a solution for manufacturing egg-free or reduced-egg bakery goods and baking mixes. Layer and sponge cakes, muffins, waffles or brioches often contain egg or egg powder as an emulsifier for stabilizing the dough and giving the products a light, fluffy texture, as well as a characteristic flavor. At the same time, however, for a variety of reasons, ever more consumers quite deliberately demand products that contain no animal-sourced ingredients, while still requiring that their texture and flavor meet high standards. In addition, the availability and price of eggs are subject to significant seasonal fluctuations, thus influencing the products’ profitability.

With CAVAMAX W6, WACKER offers manufacturers of finished bakery products and baking mixes an alternative to the use of egg. The alpha-dextrin provides the baked goods with volume, elasticity, and optimum moisture content, while yielding the consistency and taste experience that consumers expect important properties, which are usually impaired when eggs are omitted. CAVAMAX W6 is a water-soluble powder that is easy to handle and process. Since the dough’s leavening properties and viscosity are not impacted, baked goods containing alpha-dextrin can be produced using existing equipment. Moreover, bakery product manufacturers can achieve cost savings of up to 40 percent compared to egg-containing products by using CAVAMAX W6, if seasonal fluctuations in egg prices are taken into account.

As a fermentation product of starch – for example corn or potatoes – CAVAMAX W6 is made from renewable raw materials. Low in calories and, importantly, of plant origin, alpha-dextrin thus offers a cholesterol-free, non-allergenic alternative for a wide range of foodstuffs.

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