LaunchPad Lifts Off to Help Emerging Food Brands Win at Retail

SAN RAMON, Calif.  Brand consulting firm LaunchPad is opening its doors to food and beverage companies looking to build their brands, grow sales nationwide, and grab the attention of consumers and retailers.

LaunchPad is a new full-service business representation agency focused on market entry and long-term success for emerging food brands. Specializing in delivering strong sales performance at Club Retailers, LaunchPad offers brand strategy, package design and logistics expertise for tomorrow’s leading food brands.

LaunchPad founder and chief executive officer Jeremy Smith brings strong industry experience to his latest venture. As co-founder and chief operating officer at Level One Marketing, Smith nurtured sales and distribution growth for established brands like Bob’s Red Mill and early-stage challengers like Chobani Greek Yogurt, EVOL Foods, Promax Protein Bars and Hope Hummus. He is also currently an advisor to the investment firm VO2 Partners, which specializes in companies in the active & healthy living sector.

LaunchPad has partnered with MarketBrand, an award-winning Creative Strategy and Design firm led, for package design consulting. MarketBrand principals Eric and Deb Read’s decades of food industry experience include developing market entry strategies and impactful packaging for upstart brands like Red’s Burritos, Pure Foods, Promax, Padma’s Easy Exotic, Azuma Foods, Snack to Basics and organicgirl.

“There can’t be progress without questioning the ways things are done, which is why LaunchPad will be like nothing else in the food industry – an anti-agency, a rebel with a cause,” said Smith. ”Our deep business strategy mindset, vision and passion make us the perfect partner for entrepreneurs who approach business with the disruptive mindset of a technology startup.”

Smith continued: “The rise of shrewd retail buyers and savvy consumers means that the old rules of brand building no longer apply. Sadly, the traditional brokerage networks have not grown with changes in the industry and still offer the same old plug-and-play solutions. Their clients are missing out on a big opportunity.

“New businesses that can engineer the right combination of product and execution will have as much clout with retailers as the big CPG brands. The future of the food industry belongs to the dreamers, doers, troublemakers, disruptors and mavericks who are willing to break industry norms to make things happen. LaunchPad will help them think differently, win at retail, and attain sustainable success.”

Please call (925) 329-6425 x100 or email for more information.

About Launchpad

LaunchPad is the food and beverage industry’s only full service business strategy representation and branding agency focused on market entry and long-term success for emerging food brands. We are experts on the retail environment, packaging, manufacturing and distribution, with a highly specialized focus on the Club Market. We collaborate with dreamers, troublemakers, disruptors and mavericks to break the rules and accomplish the impossible. We promise to guide you, inspire you and never BS you.




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