Naturally Funny: 10 of Food’s Most Laughable April Fools’ Pranks

Meagan McGinnes

The natural food industry prides itself on being honest to its consumers every day of the year except for one: April Fools’ Day.

This Saturday, some of food’s biggest names got in on the jokes, fooling consumers about everything from new services and dramatic name changes to “innovative” product launches and category jumps. Here are 10 of this year’s best hoaxes we hope you didn’t fall for.

1. PopChips

The popped potato chip company’s website was filled with fake news this weekend. Popchips took a bite of President Donald Trump with its new “alternative snack” line Patriots Puffs. Its tagline? “So healthy you won’t need healthcare.”


2. Bobo’s

It looks like oat bar brand Bobo’s was seeing green when it announced a superfood filled “Kale and Mushroom” bar in a tweet on Saturday.


3. Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct’s April Fools’ prank is one many consumers probably wish was real. The New York City-based online grocer released a commercial on Friday showcasing the newest advancement in genetic modifications: the pitless avocado.


4. Chobani

The greek yogurt leader is giving the people what they want– even if it means less yogurt. Chobani tweeted Saturday morning that it flipped its Chobani Flip proportions to have more toppings, like chocolate pieces and almonds, and less yogurt.


5. Annie’s Homegrown

Annie’s product lines are are growing, but so are their cheddar bunnies. The company tweeted Saturday that it’s launching a line of life-sized non-GMO Cheddar Bunnies for club stores, just in time for the Easter holiday.



6. Peanut Butter & Co.

Taking notes from the craft beer world, the company tweeted Saturday morning that its newest product was peanutbutter aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Though it would be a tasty treat for Derby season, the company later said it’s sticking to nut butters you don’t need to be 21+ to purchase.


7. EPIC Provisions

The jerky brand leader took “birth of a product” to new extremes with this April Fools’ joke. Epic announced it would be making a limited-time placenta strawberry lavender bar. The company also created a video explaining the line’s conception, which it published a few days prior to the holiday to throw consumers for a loop.


8. Sir Kensington’s

Interested in topping your ice cream with candied ketchup? Don’t worry, Kensington’s doesn’t think there is a market for the product either. The condiment company’s tweet about a jump from savory to sweet was a hoax.


9. Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s unofficial mascot Wilbur the Pig seems to be a bit of a diva. The alternative-meat company took to its website Saturday to share that Wilbur stepped away from his position because he felt “his portrayal on Beyond Meat’s social media failed to capture his full dramatic range.”


10. Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is taking the concept of bringing fresh to center store to a new level. The soup company joked in a tweet that it’s bringing California’s freshest product, air, to grocery store shelves.

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