What Is Broadline Distribution?

Last month, with the help of Ron Fournier, the vice president of sales for Great State Beverages, we explained the ins and outs of direct store delivery (DSD) distribution. His video segment helped shine light on both the DSD model and how to successfully build a positive relationship with potential DSD partners. While DSD may be a preferred method for many startup entrepreneurs to get their products onto store shelves other options do exist.

One such option is broadline distribution. Commonly referred to as a one-stop shop, broadline distribution is often utilized by retailers and restaurants that need to purchase a variety of items but wish to do so from a single distributor. It’s viewed as an efficient way for a buyer to order a wide variety of consumer goods.

In the following video, Tom First, the co-founder of Nantucket Nectars and a managing director with First Beverage Group, discusses broadline distribution. According to First, Broadline distributors excel in the fact that they carry a wide variety of products, but noted that the speed of the delivery may be slower than that of a DSD distributor.

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Watch the following video, which we’ve made available to view at no cost, and then continue on to his full segment which covers other models, including warehouse distribution and the advantages of using one preferred distribution method over another.

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