New Plant-Based Frozen Dessert, SweetPea, Harnesses the Power of the Mighty Chickpea

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.  — Beginning today, tastebuds will never be the same. SweetPea, a new plant-based, non-dairy ice cream, delivers on half the calories, half the fat and all the taste of ice cream, with a taste so unbelievably creamy, you won’t believe it’s non-dairy.

SweetPea’s hero ingredient? Protein-packed chickpeas – one of this year’s Top 10 Food Trends, as recently identified by Whole Foods Market. The result? A creamy, sweet, very un-dairy frozen dessert that actually delivers on a true ice cream experience (and with less guilt, too).

“We’re excited to finally share SweetPea with ice cream lovers everywhere,” said SweetPea co-founder Heather Romens. “It was important for us to provide a non-dairy frozen dessert that is both delicious and can be enjoyed by everyone. We’re incredibly proud of the pints we’ve created.”

For Romens, who is lactose-intolerant, SweetPea is the culmination of a lifelong craving. Her family entered the frozen-dessert business in 1987, opening an ice cream shop in Virginia Beach, Va. It later expanded into multiple stores and ultimately into ice cream cakes sold at supermarkets. Yet, Heather never had the chance to enjoy her family-crafted treats until now.

“It took us a number of years, a lot of hard work, experimentation and taste tests to get SweetPea just right,” Romens said. “I’m happy to report that it has been well worth the wait!”

SweetPea is now available to order online at for nationwide delivery, with in-store availability anticipated later this year.

SweetPea’s nine instant-favorite flavors include: That’s a Mean Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter Bomb; Must Do Cold Brew; Mango Tango (feat. Peach); One ‘n Only Cookies ‘n Cream; Salted Caramel’s Sweet Talkin’ Pralines; T.G.I.PieDay: Raspberry; 3 Parts Chocolate; and Hello, Cookie Dough!

About SweetPea

SweetPea is a non-dairy, plant-based, planet-friendly and plain delicious frozen dessert that harnesses the power of the protein-packed chickpea. With nine unbelievably creamy flavors to choose from, your tastebuds will never believe it’s non-dairy. So go ahead, vegan virgins… take a walk on the plant side. After all, why should vegans have all of the fun? Isn’t it time to have your scoop and eat it (guilt-free) too? We dare you to give it a try at