DEME Introduces Sustainable Offering To Medical Mushroom Industry

Portland, Ore. – Announcing the launch of DEME, a new sustainably sourced medicinal mushroom drinking chocolate made in Portland, Oregon. DEME, a certified B-Corporation, fills a void in the fast-growing medicinal mushroom functional beverage market with a unique product that is transparent about exactly how many milligrams of mushroom extract are present and how they were grown.

DEME tastes like decadent hot chocolate with a dash of spice. It’s blended with the highest quality organic mushroom extracts to form a powerful defense against environmental threats and elevate mood.

“I’ve long enjoyed the unique health benefits of medicinal mushroom extracts, even growing and foraging my own mushrooms when I couldn’t find an option that aligned with my ethical sourcing values,” says DEME Co-Founder Charlie Wicker, also Founder of Trailhead Coffee Roasters. “Building upon my experience in coffee and cacao, we were inspired to create DEME — richly flavorful, thoughtfully sourced and carefully formulated to maximize the benefits of the incredible mushrooms it contains.”

“Every ingredient in DEME is certified organic and absolutely necessary to create this delicious drink that can lift your spirit, lower your stress, clarify your mind, boost your immunity, and support your longevity,” says DEME Co-Founder Austin Quattlebaum, marketing manager, mushroom forager and touring musician. “We’re humbled by the knowledge of these powerful medicinal plants, which have been cultivated by native peoples around the world throughout history.”

Each serving of DEME has 900mg of the powerful adaptogen Reishi mushroom, known colloquially as “Mushroom of Immortality,” from a blend of 8:1 and 1:1 extracts. Other immunity-boosting mushroom extracts include 200mg Turkey Tail, 200mg Maitake, and 200mg Shitake, as well as 300mg of Lion’s Mane purported to increase mental clarity and cognitive function. The mushrooms are all grown naturally on native substrate materials (never on unnatural substrates made of cereal grains or rice) in greenhouses with filtered sunlight and fresh air flow.

Tanzanian Cacao provides the chocolate-forward flavor profile and nutritional benefits of calcium, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants. The blend is rounded out with coconut milk powder for creaminess, agave crystals for a touch of sweetness, and a pinch of cayenne, cinnamon, coffee bean, and sea salt.

DEME is now available online at, sold as a box ($34) of twelve 30g individually packaged servings. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, mixed with water, milk of choice, or added to coffee to create an uplifting beverage any time of day.

About DEME

DEME is a medicinal mushroom drinking chocolate, a delicious daily ritual that can help improve your day, your mind, your health and your life. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2021 by Charlie Wicker (Trailhead Coffee Roasters) and Austin Quattlebaum, DEME fills a void in the medicinal mushroom industry by offering a delicious product that’s entirely transparent with their sourcing and milligrams of medicinal mushroom extracts. DEME’s blend of certified organic Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Maitake and spices combine to form a powerful defense against environmental threats and help the mind and body adapt to stress, overcome illness, and function optimally. Blended with energizing Tanzanian cacao and spices creates a luscious drinking chocolate that’s easy to build a ritual around. Let DEME lift your spirit, lower your stress, clarify your mind, boost your immunity, support your longevity and change your life.

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