Jolly Llama Launches Dairy & Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones, Sandwiches

RICHMOND, Utah– Jolly Llama, makers of plant-powered Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops, just introduced the world’s first dairy and gluten-free ice cream cones and sandwiches. Made with premium ingredients and coconut cream, Jolly Llama’s new frozen treats are delicious, but also GMO, guilt-free and satisfyingly smooth.

  • Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Premium Vanilla Jolly Llama® Sandwich (nutritional details and ingredient list)
  • Dairy-Free Gluten Free Cool Mint Chocolate Chip Jolly Llama® Sandwich (nutritional details and ingredient list)
  • Diary-Free Gluten-Free Vanilla Fudge Sundae Jolly Llama® Cone (nutritional details and ingredient list)
  • Diary-Free Gluten-Free Caramel Chocolate Chip Jolly Llama® Cone (nutritional details and ingredient list)

The 120 to 160-calorie sandwiches are available in Vanilla and Cool Mint Chocolate Chip, in packs of four, while the 260 to 310-calorie cones are available in Fudge Sundae and Caramel Chocolate Chip, in packs of three. These new products will be available in Sprouts Nationwide, Associated Foods (UT, ID, WY, OR, NV, AZ, CO), Albertson’s in Boise and Denver as well as Harmons and Ridleys in UT starting March.

As Americans grow more conscious of health and environmental causes, Jolly Llama continues to push the boundaries of frozen treats by reimagining timeless and refreshing snacks for families to enjoy regardless of their dietary restrictions. Jolly Llama’s coconut cream sandwiches and cones satisfy the growing demand for dairy-free products and empower ice cream lovers to be freed from their lactose and gluten sensitivities

Jolly Llama’s expansion into ice cream sandwiches and cones extends from the brand’s success with its popular gluten, dairy, soy, and GMO-free sorbet pops, which are now available in pineapple, mango, blackberry, strawberry and raspberry sorbet flavors. Made with whole fruit, each serving is only between 70 and 80 calories.

About Jolly Llama

Jolly Llama is the all-natural family member of Casper’s Ice Cream, a home-town legacy ice cream brand celebrating 95 years of experience in the ice cream business. Since the company was formed in 1925 by Casper Merrill, after he created the first ice cream sundae on a stick, Casper’s Ice Cream has continued to grow, innovate and align with ice cream novelty lovers across the nation. “Jolly Llama is a great example of how we, at Casper’s, are dedicated to continuing to push the envelope of the frozen treats industry,” said Casper’s Ice Cream CEO Paul Merrill, the grandson of Casper Merrill. “By leveraging our rich history in innovative ice cream creations, we are able to confidently explore new markets and products that bring the joy of frozen treats to all Americans, regardless of their dietary requirements or preferences.” For more information, visit

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