Forager Project Launches Six New Plant-Based Products

SAN FRANCISCO– Plant-based pioneer Forager Project® has launched a variety of new organic products and flavors to kick off the new year and the new decade. Currently available at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide, the newest organic products include high protein yogurts, dairy-free butter with Peruvian salt, oatmilk, grain-free cereal and grain-free chips, as well as a new flavor of the highly popular probiotic drinkable cashewmilk yogurt.

“No matter what meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, we want to make it easier for people to eat amazing tasting, plant-based foods,” said Forager Project® Co-Founder and CEO Stephen Williamson. “Whether with our new grain-free protein cereal paired with our oatmilk, our high protein yogurt or our guilt-free, grain-free chips, we are working to make a better future for our planet and people through food choices.”

Williamson places emphasis on the value of aligning food with nature using simple, organic, plant-based ingredients that taste incredible – ingredients such as nuts, seeds, ancient grains and vegetables that are not only the key to a healthy life but also to a more viable planet.

Forager Project®’s new product lineup includes:

  • Forager Project® Organic Oatmilk (48 oz) – Made from organic, gluten-free oats, the Oatmilk is naturally creamy, subtly sweet and perfect for frothing.
  • Forager Project® Organic Grain-free Os Cereal (7-8 oz) – A unique blend of plants create a cereal that is loaded with protein and fiber with minimal sugar and using cassava flour and navy beans to power your morning ritual. Flavors include Plain, Cinnamon, and Chocolate.
  • Forager Project® Organic Plant-based Protein Yogurts (16 oz) – The only organic and plant-based yogurt traditionally cultured using live active probiotics, this higher protein yogurt is made from coconut and cashew milk, watermelon and pumpkin seeds and brown rice. Available in Unsweetened Plain and Vanilla flavors.
  • Forager Project® Organic Dairy-free Butter (10 oz) – Crafted from pure, simple organic cashews and coconut oil, this dairy-free butter performs when baking, sautéing or simply spreading. Peruvian pink sea salt adds a perfect earthy flavor.
  • Forager Project® Organic Grain-Free Chips (5 oz) – Made with prebiotic-rich cassava root and tiger nut, this flavor is the perfect guilt-free chip for dipping.
  • New Flavor: Forager Project® Organic Probiotic Drinkable Cashewmilk Yogurt in Blackberry (28 oz) – Now available in blackberry flavor. Juicy clusters of blackberries deliver a sweet and slightly tart flavor giving you probiotics every day and summer vibes all year long. It’s your go-to for a healthy gut.

Finding goodness in vegetables, nuts and fruits, Forager Project® is a unique company crafting products in its own California creamery with a small team of artisans. Each product is organic, gluten-free, soy-free, and certified vegan. Additionally, the products are naturally fermented, using live active cultures, and use ethically sourced and sustainably farmed ingredients.

Learn more at and on social @ForagerProject.

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