Travel Wellness Company Local Time Launches Micronutrient Supplements

VANCOUVER, Canada— Local Time, the new travel wellness company, launched its inaugural line of micronutrient supplements designed to beat jetlag and optimize wellbeing at every stage of the modern traveler’s journey. Its potent, organic powders for immunity, hydration, rest and mental clarity activate the healing power of plants to rebalance the impact of flying on the body. Landing on Local Time is about feeling amazing on arrival: alert, energized, aglow – ready to meet the next adventure, and inspired by the positive impact you can have on the planet.

Founded by Gabriela Delano-Stephens and Reinier Halbertsma, Local Time wants to transform the experience of travel from survival to wellbeing and from passive consumption to conscious participation. Based on ancient plant remedies, all formulas contain organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free ingredients. The home-compostable, bio-based packaging is safe to be disposed worldwide, enabling customers to travel zero waste – whether landing in urban Paris or a rural Malaysian village.

“Local Time is motivated by the awareness that our wellness is interconnected at every level – from seed to supplement – and we’re driven by the desire to create and inspire more conscious consumer choices,” says Delano-Stephens. “Our vision is nothing less than a travel wellness revolution.”

With every purchase, Local Time makes a contribution to advance the work of Tree Sisters, which focuses on women and reforestation. Through its nurturing products, consumer engagement focusing on wellbeing of the modern traveler and the planet, and mission-aligned collaborations, Local Time is fueling a culture shift in flying.

Local Time is here to say ciao to the current status quo in travel– close quarters, recirculated air, hectic transitions, pre-packaged food – that puts the body on the defensive. Ready to rebalance the body, Local Time’s signature Flight Pack of four formulas is potent, sleek and affordable ($47 USD), and includes enough packets to cover a round trip (two flights).

Just in time for the holiday travel season, Local Time’s mission to deliver micronutrients with macro impact is perfect for the conscious traveler looking for ways increase personal, and planetary, wellbeing. Order directly online at

About Local Time

Local Time is a travel wellness company on a mission to rebalance the impact of flying on the body and on the planet by delivering micronutrients with macro impact. Founded by Gabriela Delano-Stephens and Reinier Halbertsma, Local Time offers potent organic travel supplements, wrapped in proactive advice for optimizing wellness at every stage of the modern journey. To learn more, visit:

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