The Forest Farmers Debuts New Leaf Tree Syrups

NEW YORK— The Forest Farmers debuted their new specialty line of organic tree syrups, under the brand New Leaf Tree Syrups, at the 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show.

New Leaf Tree Syrups goes beyond maple to promote, protect and preserve a rich forest landscape full of a wide variety of tree species. The brand offers a collection of single-varietal tree syrups, syrup blends and syrup infusions handcrafted from maple, birch, walnut, beech and other rare sap producing trees. Their products represent the greatest diversity of forest-based sweeteners in the world.

“It is an honor to be part of the Summer Fancy Food Show,” said Dr. Michael Farrell, CEO of New Leaf Tree Syrups. “We’re excited to introduce people to a whole new world of tree syrups. Many people only think of maple syrup and pancakes, but they’ve never tried walnut, beech or birch syrup, which feature their own unique flavor profiles that don’t necessarily all belong on breakfast foods. There are so many ways to incorporate our delicious and unique syrups in the kitchen and we are delighted to share them for the first time.”

The following tree syrups from New Leaf were highlighted at the Summer Fancy Food Show:

  • American Beech: A unique and extremely rare syrup featuring strong notes of dried pear and raisins.
  • Sweet Birch: Made from the sap of wild birch trees, this intriguing syrup has a fruity, raspberry-like flavor with mineral overtones.
  • Maple/Birch Blend: The familiar, warm taste of maple with the raspberry-like essence of birch creates a fruity twist on a time honored favorite.
  • Maple/ Walnut Blend: This classic pair combines the beloved flavor of pure maple with the buttery and nutty notes of walnut tree syrup.

To learn more about New Leaf Tree Syrups, visit for more information.

About The Forest Farmers & New Leaf Tree Syrups

New Leaf Tree Syrups, produced by The Forest Farmers, is a premium line of certified-organic sweeteners made from a variety of tree species. Their unique syrups are crafted exclusively from the sap of maple, birch, walnut, beech and other rare tree species to provide the greatest diversity of forest-based sweeteners in the world. They are a leading supplier of certified organic tree saps and syrups used by food technologists and manufacturers in beverages and packaged goods. Co-founded by Dr. Michael Farrell in 2017, New Leaf Tree Syrups is the output of many years of innovative research and development to determine how to best harness the wonderful and delicious diversity of our native woodlands. For more information or to purchase premium tree syrup, visit

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