Square Baby Leans into Allergen Introduction with Launch of Peanut Pumpkin Pie

ORINDA, Calif.— Square Baby has announced the debut of an allergen-introducing baby food with fellow female-led company, Renewal Mill.

While many of today’s top baby food companies are touting “allergen-free,” Square Baby is doing the opposite and leaning into recent research.

For decades, pediatricians and allergists recommended delaying allergen introduction for baby’s first year to prevent food allergies from developing. However, recent studies like LEAP, EAT, and PETIT have shown the opposite to be true for certain allergens.

“As a science-based company committed to balanced meals, complete daily nutrition, and allergen introduction, we already offer “Square Meal” options with dairy, egg, and fish.” says Katie Thomson, registered dietitian and CEO of Square Baby. “Today, we are excited to introduce “Peanut Pumpkin Pie” made with organic peaches, pumpkin, sweet potato, barley, white bean, Renewal Mill okara (soy), peanut, cinnamon, and ginger.”

“Recent clinical trials indicate that you can help prevent food allergies in your baby before they start. Due to this new scientific evidence, the Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing allergenic foods early and often to help prevent the development of food allergies. I recommend parents introduce and continue to feed a wide variety of healthy foods starting around 4 to 6 months old, including allergenic foods in a consistency that a baby can handle,” said Dr. Tanya Altmann, pediatrician, author and mom of 3

The launch is in partnership with Renewal Mill, a next-generation ingredients company that upcycles the byproducts of food manufacturing into premium ingredients and products, to incorporate organic okara into their customizable baby meal plans. Okara, made from the soybean pulp leftover from soymilk production, is Renewal Mill’s flagship upcycled ingredient.

Thomson added, “Nutritional quality, ethical sourcing, and sustainability are more important than ever, especially for our littlest bodies and brains. During our search for the right soy ingredient to introduce into our meal lineup, we met Renewal Mill and knew we’d found it! Organic. Highly Nutritious. Upcycled. Local. Women-Owned.”

This partnership is timely for Renewal Mill’s CEO, Claire Schlemme, who had her first child this past February and is currently introducing him to solid foods. “As someone who is passionate about food, I am eager to share the expansive world of flavors and cuisines with Arlo,” says Schlemme. “Feeding him balanced meals and an array of foods now is exciting. And it’s reassuring to know that I’m also helping him continue to enjoy all kinds of foods in the future.”

Both Square Baby and Renewal Mill are run by working moms, a rarity in the venture capital-backed startup space. The two companies, which met at the Food Funded competition earlier this summer where Renewal Mill took the top prize, were drawn to each other for their similar missions of creating and using sustainable, next generation ingredients to feed the next generation.

“Our mission is to ‘Inspire Healthy Eaters for Life’,” says Thomson. “We are committed to offering a diverse array of whole foods to broaden babies’ palates and introduce them to potentially allergenic foods so they might reduce their risk of developing food allergies and grow up to enjoy those foods for a lifetime.”

“Peanut Pumpkin Pie” will be available for online ordering starting October 1st at For Bay Area parents, the meal will be available at the Square Baby retail store & tasting bar in Orinda Theatre Square and showcased this Saturday, October 5th, at the Golden Gate Mothers Group Fall Festival in San Francisco.

About Square Baby

Square Baby is the first baby food company to offer 100 percent daily nutrition for baby. And it’s delivered right to your door. Rooted in nutrition science, Square Baby’s team of registered dietitians and pediatricians have developed the Square Meal System offering customized meal plans for each age and stage of development so parents can rest assured their baby is receiving just the right balance of fruits, veggies, whole grains and protein — including offering meal options for early allergen introduction like peanut, soy, egg, fish, and dairy. Square Baby meals range from smooth, single-ingredient purees for baby’s first bites to thicker nutritionally-balanced purees with a range of ingredients and adventurous flavors. To learn more about Square Baby, visit, ‘like’ us on Facebook, or follow us on YouTube,Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. The Square Baby mark and the Square Meal System mark used herein are registered or unregistered trademarks of Square Foods, LLC. in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the registered or unregistered trademarks of their respective owners. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

About Renewal Mill

Renewal Mill is a next-generation ingredients company that upcycles the byproducts of food manufacturing into premium ingredients and products. We provide manufacturers with a complete solution that offers financial returns and eliminates disposal headaches. Our initial ingredient is okara, a high fiber, high protein, gluten-free flour made from the byproduct of soymilk production. Starting with okara, Renewal Mill is creating a new circular economy of food that reduces waste and provides nutrition and taste to today’s conscious consumer. To learn more about Renewal Mill, visit, ‘like’ us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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