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RESET Bioscience To Launch Liposomal Organic Hemp CBD

LOS ANGELES— RESET Bioscience, a CBD and advanced wellness company, is the first to use pharmaceutical grade ingredients and processes for its pioneering CBD product. After extensive research, testing and validation the company is launching its debut product RESET Balance, a 99.9 percent nano liposomal organic hemp CBD that compliments the body’s existing endocannabinoid system. The type of advanced nanotechnology used to produce this product uses liposomes as the trojan horse of drug delivery, providing approximately a 80 percent absorption/CBD effect at the cellular level, the highest in the industry today. With a commitment to quality, RESET Bioscience has spent $2 million to double test for purity and efficacy, to introduce a product that will work as hard as you do to “reset” you to your baseline managing everyday stressors, including pain, anxiety, insomnia and more.

RESET Balance is available in two flavors, neutral and peppermint, and is power packed with 300 mg of organic triple tested CBD isolate, the most researched form of CBD on the market today, and importantly, with 0 percent THC. A unique attribute to RESET Balance is that it is white in color, due to the purity of the pharmaceutical grade lipids used. RESET has committed to self-regulate its developmental process, which means more safety and quality control measures have been taken to test and deliver a product that achieves real results, setting a new standard for CBD bioavailability through its proprietary nano liposomal delivery system.

“CBD has gained in popularity due to its overarching health benefits. Yet with any fast growing marketplace there are tons of mismarketed and ineffective CBD products creating major decision fatigue among consumers,” states Chris Barber, co-founder and CEO of RESET Bioscience. “We went the extra mile to develop, test and deliver a product that achieves maximum results giving consumers a simple choice when it comes to incorporating CBD into their daily health regimen. The nano liposomal delivery system used to create RESET Balance, enables CBD to be delivered directly into the bloodstream so that it reaches the cells that need it most.”

RESET Balance is encapsulated within nano liposomes, which take a more direct route to the cell delivering up to 80 percent bioavailability, allowing our cells to drink it up like water for immediate impact. The nanotechnology used to pioneer this product is typically reserved exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. All ingredients used in the liposomal CBD formulation are GMP compliant with a certificate of analysis to ensure the utmost quality and consistency from batch to batch.

“RESET Bioscience was built on a commitment to facts. That is why we decided to use CBD isolate for our debut product because is it the only cannabidiol compound on the market today with empirical, peer-reviewed data to verify its effectiveness,” says Matt Reid, RESET Bioscience’s co-founder and vice chairman. “RESET Bioscience has spent over twelve months of rigorous development to achieve a product that produces safe and effective results, clearly shown by our investment in stability testing the product.”

For more information about RESET Bioscience’s first nano liposomal CBD wellness product, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @resetbioscience.

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