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Perfectlyfree Launches YO-BERRIES Snack Bites

BOSTON— The YO-BERRY tree, which is of course, a tree that grows YO-BERRIES, is ripe for picking and ready to change the way your family eats yogurt.  This sophisticated, highly cultured (after all, it does grow yogurt) tree is the delicious figment of perfectlyfree’s imagination.

It started with a question, “Can we create a non-dairy snack with real fruit that’s both fun and tasty?” The answer was a resounding, “Let’s go for it!” and the seed was planted.  As the thought process grew, so did the YO-BERRY Tree! Now, with the YO-BERRY tree in full bloom, the people at perfectlyfree can finally share its bountiful harvest. Introducing YO-BERRIES, a first-of-its-kind snack bite that combines the best of yogurt, including probiotics and vitamin D, with the delicious taste of fresh fruit in a fun snack.

“The new line of YO-BERRIES represents what perfectlyfree is all about. We’re on a mission to use our one-of-a-kind technology to reimagine healthy snacks and make them delicious!” said Colleen Akehurst, CEO of Incredible Foods. “And with the YO-BERRY tree finally in bloom, it’s the perfect time to show the world that eating healthy can be fun!”

Available in Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry and Banana, YO-BERRIES are plant-based, non-GMO and free from preservatives, making them a great option for packed lunches and on-the-go snacking. YO-BERRIES are exclusively available on perfectlyfree’s online shop, at  This summer, you can pick your fruit, you can pick your yogurt, and you can pick from the YO-BERRY tree with your friends!

About perfectlyfree

Perfectlyfree, a brand of Incredible Foods, is a food technology company dedicated to making healthy snacks easier and more fun. Utilizing proprietary encapsulation technology, our bite-sized snacks deliver portable snacks that are as healthy as they are delicious. Perfectlyfree’s line of products, including Frozen Bites, Fruit Bites, and YO-BERRIES are all plant-based, allergy-friendly and low in sugar. Perfectlyfree products are available nationwide online and in retail locations throughout the Northeast. Learn more at

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