Madhava Launches Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

BOULDER, Colo.— Madhava Ltd., known for its industry-leading natural sweeteners, has announced its entry into the olive oil category with its new, authentic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The company has also rolled out a brand new logo and a refreshed packaging redesign that reflects its renewed focus to achieve the highest standard of purity for its products – all of which are certified by the Clean Label Project.

“We believe consumers should expect more from their food,” said Colin Sankey, CEO Madhava Ltd. “That’s why we’re dedicating more resources, time and energy than ever before to our mission of achieving the highest level of quality and purity in our products. When considering our brand’s redesign, it was vital that the new look and feel reflected that commitment.”

Showcasing Madhava’s clean, new look, the introduction of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil aims to raise the bar in a category known for varying levels of product purity, quality and authenticity. Each new 16.9 oz. bottle delivers exceptional flavor and texture and offers the perfect compliment for countless dishes and recipes. It’s packed with antioxidants and, unlike many other brands, Madhava’s olive oil comes from a single Mediterranean source. The new olive oil is also USDA Certified Organic and was awarded The Clean Label Project’s ‘Purity Award’ and ‘Antioxidant Superiority Award.’

“At Madhava, our products are sourced with integrity, minimally processed and rigorously tested for quality over and over again to constantly maintain the highest level of purity – our new Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is no exception,” continued Sankey. “We strive for purity in everything we produce. If we need to add a few extra steps to get just a bit closer to perfection then so be it. That’s why we have all of our products certified by The Clean Label Project, which uses an extremely in depth testing process, before they become available to our customers.”

Surprisingly, many of the seemingly healthy and safe food products consumers purchase everyday, including olive oil, contain unacceptable amounts of harmful contaminants proven to be linked to long-term health problems. However, before any Madhava product hits store shelves, it’s rigorously tested by the Clean Label Project, an organization that uses data and science to test everyday consumer products for hundreds of harmful environmental and industrial contaminants, toxins, herbicides and pesticides.

“The current FDA regulations for everyday food product safety just don’t cut it when it comes to evolving consumer expectations,” said Jaclyn Bowen MPH, MS, food safety quality and systems engineer and Executive Director of Clean Label Project. “Madhava has adapted its ingredient sourcing specifications to proactively avoid sourcing ingredients containing contaminants and chemicals of concern. At Clean Label Project, products are tested on an ongoing basis in an accredited analytical chemistry laboratory. We need more companies like Madhava to go above and beyond to help raise the standards by preventing harmful toxins, herbicides and pesticides from contaminating their food products”

Madhava’s new Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available online and at natural food and grocery stores nationwide for $10.99 MSRP.

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Madhava Ltd. is raising the standard for the food we eat delivering unprecedented purity. Our portfolio of natural sweeteners and oils are sourced with integrity, minimally processed and rigorously tested for quality. We should treat food as kindly as it treats us. From the soil to the bag, tree to bottle, we strive for purity in everything we produce. This idea should not be novel – it should be the standard and we’re happy to raise that bar. It’s time to demand more from food. Learn more at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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