Jade Leaf Matcha Launches Matcha Smoothie Boosters

SEATTLE— Jade Leaf Matcha, globally recognized and esteemed tea and lifestyle brand, continues to evolve its innovation strategy with the launch of their newest product line: Matcha Smoothie Boosters. Available in five varieties: Pure Matcha, Matcha Collagen, Matcha Supergreens, Matcha Mushrooms and Matcha Probiotics, each booster blends functional ingredients and adaptogens into premium USDA certified organic Japanese matcha, providing green tea nutrients and calm, focused energy for an elevated smoothie beverage.

“This product line was first devised when I started experimenting with matcha, adding it to a range of beverages and food,” says co-founder, Marc St. Raymond. “I noticed its mild, grassy flavor paired wonderfully with fruits, nut butters, and plant based milks. This realization, in combination with matcha being a nutritious superfood, packed with antioxidants, chlorophyll, and fiber, led me to believe that matcha would make a perfect addition to any smoothie. After consulting with experts to source quality ingredients and the crafting of thoughtful blends, the Smoothie Booster line was born!”

The five available varieties include:

  • Matcha Collagen*: incorporating premium grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen, this smoothie boost supports radiant skin, hair and nails, as well as organ and tissue health for a beauty boost from the inside out!
  • Pure Matcha**: this functional grade matcha is specially cultivated for its powerful green tea nutrients such as antioxidants, amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, vitamins and metabolism support. Infused with antioxidant tea polyphenols known as catechins, crafts a bold flavor profile, making this matcha grade best suited as a smoothie booster.
  • Matcha Mushrooms**: blends lion’s mane & cordyceps, functional mushrooms that support brain health, cognitive function, energy and focus to aid in a productive week.
  • Matcha Probiotics**: incorporates a blend of probiotics, specifically chosen for their diversity and survivability benefits, as well as prebiotic fiber, helpful digestive enzymes, and a small amount of ginger to aid digestion and improve gut health for an all-around gut-healthy smoothie booster.
  • Matcha Supergreens**: fusing five, nutrient-dense blends including wheat grass, kale, moringa, spirulina, and chlorella to provide detox and balance.

*Nutrition Facts for Matcha Collagen: Unsweetened and suitable for a variety of lifestyle and dietary restrictions including dairy free, gluten free, paleo and keto.

**Nutrition Facts for Pure Matcha, Matcha Mushrooms, Matcha Probiotics, and Matcha Supergreens: Unsweetened and suitable for a variety of lifestyle and dietary restrictions including dairy free, gluten free, paleo, keto and vegan.

Rooted in the power of premium organic Japanese matcha, each boost provides green tea nutrients with about 1/3 of the caffeine in a cup of coffee (30-40mg). Additionally, each smoothie includes pure organic acacia senegal, a soluble fiber that helps support a healthy, stable gut, as well as naturally occurring L-theanine for a relaxed, alert feeling without the jitters. To enjoy, simply blend ice with your favorite fruits and/or vegetables, and serve!

The new line is now available in 2.8-3.8oz pouches for $19.94 – $24.95, as well as 7-12oz canisters for $39.95 on jadeleafmatcha.com and Amazon. Follow Jade Leaf Matcha on Instagram: @jadeleafmatcha

About Jade Leaf Matcha

Jade Leaf Matcha, the top selling tea brand on Amazon.com, is a healthy lifestyle and beverage brand that offers premium quality, USDA certified organic Japanese matcha at an affordable price. Made with 100% USDA organic Matcha Green Tea, free from any added preservatives and non-GMO, Jade Leaf Matcha’s offerings are perfect for hot and cold matcha drinks, lattes, smoothies, baking, and more! Products can be found in Walmart, Amazon, and the core line can be found on Target.com, and in over 500 Target stores across the United States. For more information, please visit jadeleafmatcha.com and @jadeleafmatcha.