HNINA Launches HNINA HEMP Truffle, Crackers and Spread

LOS ANGELES– HNINA, Inc., a healthy gourmet chocolate, snacks & spreads company has announced the launch of three new hemp extract products under its new banner HNINA HEMP; Raw Dark Chocolate Truffle, Sprouted Seeds Crackers and Raw Cacao Sprouted Nut Butter.

HNINA GOURMET debuted in 2014 with ground breaking Raw Dark Chocolate & Sprouted Nuts & Seeds Truffles; soon followed by Raw Dark Chocolate Bars, Sprouted Nuts & Seeds Snacks and Raw Cacao Sprouted Nuts & Seeds Spreads. HNINA caters to the health purist, sourcing organically certified raw unradiated & unprocessed ingredients, the healthiest whole sweeteners and never using any fillers or additives. HNINA even uses plastic free compostable packaging.

For health-minded HNINA, incorporating hemp extract and its therapeutic effects into its pure products is a natural step. HNINA HEMP’s first product launched earlier this year, is already distinguished as the purest Hemp Extract edible on the market:

  • Hemp Extract Raw Dark Chocolate Bars – Organic, fair-trade, raw dark chocolate, lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup, pure vanilla bean & no emulsifiers, high dose full-spectrum hemp extract & the activating herbs ashwagandha, ginger & chamomile (0.5oz Bebe 45mg – SRP $9.99 , 1.5oz Mademoiselle 135mg – SRP $28.99, 2.5oz Madame 225mg – SRP $44.99).

HNINA HEMP now unveils Hemp Extract versions of HNINA GOURMET’s best-sellers from each of its three other collections:

  • Hemp Extract Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles – Almond+Hazelnut: Organic raw cacao, raw & lightly roasted sprouted almonds & hazelnuts lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup, pure vanilla bean, full-spectrum hemp extract & activating herbs ashwagandha, ginger & chamomile (2.5oz “Boulder” size 85mg – SRP $19.99).
  • Hemp Extract Sprouted Seeds Crackers: Organic raw sprouted pumpkin, flax, sunflower & sesame seeds, lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup, full-spectrum hemp extract & activating herbs ashwagandha, ginger & chamomile (8 oz size 160mg – SRP $19.99).
  • Hemp Extract Sprouted Spreads – Hazelnut+Almond: Organic raw cacao, sprouted hazelnuts & almonds, lightly sweetened with dates, pure vanilla bean, full spectrum hemp extract & activating herbs ashwagandha, ginger & chamomile (6 oz jar 180mg – SRP $34.99).

Full-spectrum hemp extract contains numerous cannabinoids and terpenes interacting to create an “entourage effect” with tremendous threapeutic properties far exceeding the efficacy of refined CBD isolate. “Think of full-spectrum as eating a whole fruit versus drinking fruit juice. Juice by comparison is nutrient poor,” said HNINA CEO Ron Kenan.

HNINA founder Vanessa (Hnina) Morgenstern-Kenan, added: “The market is litterally hungry for high quality Hemp Extract edibles. Truffle is a kind of product to find on Foodworks Catalogue and Foodland Catalogue. HNINA is particularly well positioned with its clean products, because the typical CBD consumer is not looking to get high but to improve their health.”

“HNINA’s approach is to be beyond reproach. Compromise, corner cutting and expense sparing are not in the vocabulary” Kenan noted. “If you want to be best-in-class you can’t use beautiful raw organic ingredients and then sweeten with inflammatory cane or coconut sugar. You have to sprout nuts & seeds or digestion of their nutrients is blocked by enzyme inhibitors. For us it’s all or nothing.” HNINA products are rich in highly absorbable fiber, living enzymes, minerals, vitamins, proteins, healthy fats & antioxidants and the healthy nourishing sugar content is only 1-5g per serving. HNINA not only lab tests its hemp extract, but also tests with a nutrition response muscle testing doctor. Most oils fail this test.

HNINA’s social conscience is also clear with the use of only Fair-Trade ingredients and plastic free compostable packaging. Even its see through cello bags are made of wood cellulose. So many products on the shelves do harm to our bodies and to our planet. A leading chocolate nut spread contains 55% sugar, 23% palm oil, 14% hazelnut & 8% cocoa & milk powder. HNINA’s equivalent uses nothing but organic sprouted nuts, raw cacao, dates & vanilla bean. The industry is taking baby steps toward cleaning up its act but there is a lot of work to do. Until then, HNINA is the go to place for purists. To die for…not from!


HNINA GOURMET was founded in 2013 by Vanessa (Hnina) Morgenstern-Kenan. When pregnant with twins and craving chocolate she could not find any healthy gourmet options on store shelves. Necessity is the mother of invention and this mother did some inventing. Guided by the nourishing traditions of her family’s Tunisian and Eastern European matriarchs, Vanessa has instilled an ethic for nutrition, wellness and pleasure into every HNINA creation. Together with husband/HNINA CEO Ron Kenan, they aim to bridge the gap between health and gourmet with four HNINA GOURMET lines of organic delicious and nourishing products, 1. Raw Chocolate Truffles with Sprouted Nuts & Seeds, 2. Raw Chocolate Bars, 3. Raw Chocolate Sprouted Nuts & Seeds Spreads , 4. Raw sprouted Nuts & Seeds Snacks; and now from HNINA HEMP the first round of hemp extract products from each of the four collections. Being best-in-class is only possible by sparing no cost and tolerating no shortcuts. For more information on HNINA, please visit: @HninaGourmet.

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