DeLallo Debuts New Look, Expands Pasta Lineup

PITTSBURGH— Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover and DeLallo is ready to show you why with their new artisan-inspired pasta packaging. DeLallo’s new digs educate the consumer on how their pasta is made and what to look for in authentic pasta. Packaging also includes simple cooking instructions, in-depth cooking tips and classic Italian weeknight recipes. Pasta lovers can become pasta experts just by buying their favorite pasta. Along with new packaging, DeLallo is also expanding their lineup to include more authentic and regional shapes.

“Drawing on over 65 years of pasta-making experience, we redesigned our pasta packaging to represent the quality of our pasta and the artisan methods used in making it,” says Giuliana Pozzuto, Marketing Director of DeLallo.

So besides honest packaging, what makes pasta great? “It’s simple,” Pozzuto says, “the very best wheat, slow drying at low temperatures and years of pasta-making experience.”

DeLallo Pasta is crafted in Southern Italy, just outside of Naples, in an area known as the birthplace of pasta. It begins with an exclusive blend of the highest quality durum wheat that is expertly milled into coarse ground semolina, and then, mixed with mineral-rich mountain spring water. True to tradition, pasta is extruded with bronze dies to create a rougher surface that is ready to absorb and capture every type of sauce. Pasta is dried slowly at low temperatures to preserve the pasta’s color, texture and aroma. Above all, DeLallo wants the consumer to have a truly authentic experience—perfectly al dente pasta with a tender exterior and a firm bite.

“When you cook pasta to the perfect al dente texture, there should be a bit of white at its core… that’s known as the pasta’s soul,” Pozzuto explains. “And that’s what we mean when we say we want the consumer to experience the art and soul of pasta.”

Look out for DeLallo’s newest pasta packaging to hit shelves soon. DeLallo Pasta is available in Traditional Semolina, Organic Whole-Wheat, Organic and Gluten-Free Varieties. Visit for more information.

About The George DeLallo Company

The George DeLallo Company is a family-owned and operated Italian foods manufacturer and distributor based just outside of Pittsburgh, in Jeannette, PA. Along with specialty Italian products that include pasta, pasta sauces, olive oils, vinegars, bruschettas and peppers, the company offers the nation’s largest lineup of Olives & Antipasti sourced from all around the world. DeLallo believes that the best dishes are made with fresh, simple ingredients—the heart of Italy’s celebrated cuisine. For over 65 years, DeLallo has made it easy to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean, founded on a passion for great food and generations of family tradition.

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