Wild Friends Launches Two New Flavors of Nut Butter Oats

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Wild Friends Foods today announced the launch of two new flavors of their Nut Butter Oat line. These new varieties feature a blend of gluten-free oats, dried fruit, chopped nuts and spices, paired with a single serve nut butter packet that’s conveniently nestled in the lid. Each cup contains 13-14g of protein per serving, double most offerings in the hot cereal aisle, and only 2-4g of sugar per serving.

This line of Nut Butters Oats is the first product of its kind. The high-protein, low-sugar profile coupled with the addition of the nut butter packet, breathes new life into the hot cereal aisle and provides a solution for consumers looking for a healthy, satisfying, breakfast on-the-go.

“We know that our consumers love adding Wild Friends nut butters to their oatmeal bowls at home for a protein-packed breakfast and we’re excited to provide this option in a convenient way,” says co-founder Erika Welsh. “Nutrition shouldn’t have to be compromised on a busy morning.”

The two new flavors, Almond Cranberry and Peanut Blueberry, have a simple, clean label that is signature of all Wild Friends’ products. The addition of the dried fruit and nuts adds a sweet and crunchy texture; the nut butter adds the boost of healthy fats and protein for a satisfying breakfast.

The Almond Cranberry and Peanut Blueberry Nut Butter Oats will compliment the first two flavors of Nut Butter Oats, Almond Cashew and Peanut Cashew with chia and flax, launched in Fall 2017.

“Our mission is to make food friendly by recreating favorite foods with better nutrition and taste. Disrupting the hot cereal aisle with this high-protein, low-sugar, super tasty option is one step forward in that mission,” says co-founder Keeley Tillotson.

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