Start Right Foods Releases Waffle Sliders

ST. LOUIS — The Start Right Foods team is back at it with another time-saving, health conscious breakfast item: waffle sliders. Packed with protein and only 210 calories, their gluten-free lean beef and egg slider is perfect for those hectic mornings. And if you’re looking to go even leaner, grab their turkey sausage and egg white slider that clocks in at just 160 calories!

“Traditional breakfast sandwiches typically only meet the convenience factor, but lack any sort of good nutrition,” said Clint Matthews, co-founder of Start Right Foods. “That’s why we thought breakfast sandwiches were the logical next product for us. Our waffle sliders fulfill a gap in the industry, ensuring consumers don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience and taste.”

“We chose beef sausage over pork for one simple reason – it’s a much leaner product with the same great taste,” said co-founder Kyle Rood. “Similar to our high-protein waffles, our sliders not only satisfy current customers desire for better nutrition in a convenient breakfast, but also attract consumers that wouldn’t go near the current fatty, unhealthy breakfast sandwiches currently on the market.”

“It was hard to not feel sick after tasting all the breakfast sandwiches currently on the market. Most make you feel lethargic and uncomfortable,” said Clint. “Working after eating those was a struggle. I always just wanted a glass of water and a couch to lie on after those days. We took that into consideration when producing our waffle sliders, and made sure that they never made you feel that way.”

As compared to most breakfast sandwiches on the market, Start Right’s Waffle Sliders will fill you up and actually make you feel ready to tackle the day. And at $4.99 for 2 sliders, they are the perfect meal even on a budget. Look for Start Right’s innovative Waffle Sliders in the freezer aisle at select grocery stores in the Midwest starting January 21st.

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