Pre Launches E-Commerce Store

CHICAGO — Pre Brands, purveyors of the world’s best grass-fed beef, has launched an e-commerce store to sell its premium, hand-trimmed 100% grass-fed and finished steaks and ground beef to eager consumers across America. Pre prides itself in maintaining the highest quality standards for all of its products, in order to bring discerning shoppers the best beef nature provides.

And consumers have noticed – since its start in 2015, Pre has been America’s fastest growing beef brand*. Two years later, Pre’s expanding in-store retail presence, largely in the Midwest, hasn’t kept up with burgeoning national consumer demand – a need e-commerce will help meet. Pre can now be purchased online at

All Pre beef is sourced from nutrient-rich pastures, raised with care and 100% grass fed and finished, with no added antibiotics or hormones. While Pre products deliver on these key qualities, deemed top priority to today’s highly engaged consumer, what sets Pre apart is the full consumer experience.

“We’re a group of passionate beef geeks that have scoured the globe for the best beef, and the best way to deliver it,” said Pre Founder and CEO Lenny Lebovich. “We’ve taken the hard work out of curation, finally making it easy for consumers to have a superb beef experience at home. We’re pleased to be able to share that with more people now.”

Built on a shared commitment to consumer centricity in the historically supply-driven and commodity-minded beef category, Pre has re-examined every step of the journey food takes and addresses even the smallest detail to bring the best quality food to consumers’ plates. Unique, patent-pending vacuum-sealed packaging gives consumers superior freshness and a totally transparent, dual-sided view of each cut, so there are no surprises. Through its rigorous curation process, “Our Taste Standard,” Pre selects only the most flavorful, tender, juicy, ethically raised beef, resulting in a consistent, nutritionally strong product with a rich, nuanced taste and distinctive eating experience.

Pre is sold in more than 600 retail locations nationwide, including Meijer, Mariano’s, Heinen’s, Giant Eagle, as well as online on AmazonFresh,, and, as of January 2018, at All Pre products are Whole30 Approved and Certified Paleo and Ketogenic, further indication of the brand’s stringent quality standards that have been recognized by a variety of clean, whole food diets.

For more information, and to purchase Pre Brands’ products, visit

About Pre Brands

Pre Brands is a Chicago-based premium fresh food startup currently focused on bringing consumers the world’s best beef. Pre believes in using a modern approach to traditional merthods to maximize eating experience while doing what’s right from health, safety, social and environmental perspectives. Through its revolutionary Our Taste Standard selection criteria, Pre has mastered the art of providing the most delicious 100% grass-fed and finished beef in the world – which is also lower in calories and fat and higher in Omega-3’s and CLA’s than commodity beef, without added hormones or added antibiotics – with relentless consistency.

Available in individually packaged steaks (Ribeye, New York Strip, Top Sirloin and Filet Mignon), ground beef, two-pack hamburger patties and chuck roast, Pre products are sold offline and online across the continental United States. To learn more, visit

* Based on data reported by Nielsen Fresh Facts. Copyright © 2017 Nielsen Perishables Group.

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