New for Easter: Caramel Eggs from OCHO Candy

Founded in 2010, OCHO Candy™, a fun, organic alternative to traditional chocolate bars, is following last year’s successful introduction of peanut butter-filled chocolate eggs for Easter with the addition of another popular OCHO flavor: Caramel. OCHO’s bite-size Caramel Eggs and Peanut Butter Eggs (SRP $4.99/3.5oz pouch) feature an organic, tempered milk chocolate shell that’s been etched with six different Easter designs. The limited-edition eggs are available at Whole Foods, Target and select retailers throughout the Bay Area, as well as online at make these egg-ceptional minis, OCHO fills custom-designed, egg-shaped dome molds with fair trade, high-quality, organic milk chocolate; fills each egg to the brim with organic peanut butter or luscious caramel; then covers the back of the egg with a layer of chocolate. Each bite-sized egg is individually wrapped, making it the perfect size for filling plastic Easter eggs. These Easter treats are delicious enough for adults, too, and make a terrific Easter hostess gift with a bouquet of flowers. All of OCHO’s products are made onsite at the company’s state-of-the-art West Oakland candy factory.The carefully sourced organic chocolate that OCHO uses is tempered at the factory, which gives every bar and mini a beautiful sheen and a distinctive snap that is noticeably different from supermarket candy bars. Fillings are made with simple ingredients that are expertly chosen for their quality and unique flavor profiles. The caramel filling is made from scratch in OCHO’s kitchens, using the best-possible organic sugar, butter, caramel syrup and salt. Wrapped in bright, colorful packaging, OCHO Candy bars and minis are as distinctive on the outside as they are on the inside.In addition to its limited-batch seasonal flavors and shapes, OCHO Candy manufactures eight candy bar flavors in two formats, single-serve bars (1.5 oz.) and minis (.35 oz.). Other flavors in the OCHO Candy product line are:

OCHO PB&J Bar (new for 2018) – smooth peanut butter and rich raspberry jam filling covered in milk chocolate (SRP $1.99/bar)OCHO Coconut Bar, OCHO Coconut Mini – a select cut of organic coconut covered in smooth dark chocolate (SRP $1.99/bar, SRP $4.99/3.5 oz. pouch, SRP $8.99/8 oz. pouch)OCHO Peanut Butter Bar, OCHO Peanut Butter Mini – peanut butter filling with a pleasing mixture of salt and sugar covered in milk chocolate (SRP $1.99/bar, SRP $4.99/3.5 oz. pouch, SRP $8.99/8 oz. pouch)OCHO Caramel & Peanut Bar – creamy caramel filled with peanuts layered over nougat and covered in milk chocolate (SRP $1.99/bar)OCHO Dark Chocolate PB Bar – peanut butter filling with crunchy peanut pieces covered in dark chocolate (SRP $1.99/bar)OCHO Caramel Mini – a classic combination of creamy caramel with milk chocolate (SRP $4.99/3.5 oz. pouch, SRP $8.99/8 oz. pouch)OCHO Dark Caramel Mini – creamy caramel with dark chocolate (SRP $4.99/3.5 oz. pouch, SRP $8.99/8 oz. pouch)OCHO Peppermint Mini – a cool and refreshing peppermint cream center covered in dark chocolate (SRP $4.99/3.5 oz. pouch, SRP $8.99/8 oz. pouch)Every OCHO Candy bar and mini is manufactured at the company’s 25,000-square-foot West Oakland factory, which is home to a unique combination of equipment that does everything from melting and tempering the chocolate, to filling and packaging the bars. All products are certified organic, non-GMO and gluten free. The OCHO Dark Chocolate PB Bar and OCHO Coconut Bar are vegan.

About OCHO Candy

OCHO Candy was founded by natural food expert Denis Ring, the mastermind behind Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday and Safeway’s O Organics. He saw a missed opportunity to create a fun organic chocolate candy bar, so he started to experiment with his own candy creations (with some help from his two children). Ring wanted honest feedback, so he brought his early samples to friend, fellow dad, and entrepreneur Scott Kucirek, the co-founder of zipRealty, Inc. Kucirek became a believer after just one bite. Ring invited Kucirek to join him in building a truly innovative organic candy company: OCHO Candy. In late 2011, after a few months of tweaking, OCHO bars had a winning recipe.The bars sold fast and the company grew so quickly that Ring and Kucirek couldn’t keep pace with demand. They decided to build a bona fide candy factory in West Oakland, which, like OCHO, was up-and-coming and ready to shine. The company takes great pride in hiring and nurturing a diverse workforce, as well as creating a work environment that is as fun and positive as its products.OCHO products are available at Target, Whole Foods, Kroger, Albertsons/Safeway, Lucky, ShopRite, and other supermarkets nationally, as well as online at more information, visit or join the OCHO Candy community on Instagram at ochocandy, Facebook at @OCHOCandy and Twitter at @OchoCandy.###

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