Lightlife Foods Expands Distribution to Canada

CHICAGO — Lightlife Foods, Inc., a leading producer of plant-based protein products in the United States, today announces expansion into Canada. Lightlife will be offering some of the brand’s best-selling and most beloved products, including Smart Dogs, Gimme Lean Sausage and Veggie Bacon, in major retailers nationwide. This comes as more consumers than ever are choosing plant-based foods. In fact, more than half of Canadians — 53 percent — eat meat alternatives and almost a fifth — 18 percent — eat meat alternative products multiple times a week (source: Mintel).

Lightlife Foods is an industry pioneer, having paved the way for the plant-based protein trend with the introduction of the first packaged tempeh product available in the United States in 1979. As Canadian consumers seek more options to support a healthy lifestyle, Lightlife sees an opportunity to meet that need with its portfolio of quality products.

“It’s a really proud moment for us here at Lightlife,” said Dan Curtin, President of Lightlife Foods. “Plant-based foods appeal to consumers following all types of diets — from vegan to flexitarian — as the benefits are becoming recognized around the globe. Lightlife has a proud history of making great-tasting plant-based proteins and we’re excited to offer Canadians some of our bestsellers from here in the U.S.”

The Canadian plant-based industry has seen explosive growth over the past few years. Just this year, the Canadian government supported the plant-based movement, investing approximately $150 million in the country’s plant-based food industry, creating an opportunity for growth and innovation for brands like Lightlife.

Lightlife will join the Canadian market with nine products ­in a full national launch starting in August 2018: Tempeh – Original, Tempeh Strips – Smoky, Smart Dogs – Veggie Hot Dogs, Meatballs – Italian-Style Veggie, Bacon – Original Veggie, Gimme Lean – Veggie Sausage, Tenders – Veggie Chicken, Ground – Zesty Italian Veggie, and Deli – Veggie Turkey. The MSRP for the products ranges from $3.99-$6.49 CAD and all Lightlife products can be found in the produce or refrigerated section of grocery stores nationwide.

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About Lightlife

Founded in 1979, Lightlife Foods Inc. is a pioneer of plant-based foods with a passion for putting plants at the center of the plate. Lightlife is part of Maple Leaf Foods, a leading consumer protein company making high-quality, innovative products. As the category leader in the U.S., Lightlife is committed to making plant-based eating more accessible and delicious with a range of products that appeals to all diets.

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