Kumana to Debut Avocado Sauce at Expo West

LOS ANGELES — Kumana’s plant-based, GMO-free avocado sauce is an explosion of flavor – crafted from real, creamy avocados, fresh onion and bell pepper, cilantro, garlic and a splash of vinegar. Traditionally used on grilled meats and vegetables in Venezuela, Kumana’s founders hope to take the plant-based sauce to another level in Los Angeles.

“The innovative twists that we created reflect the influences of the many cultures that are part of the incredibly vibrant and diverse food scene in L.A., “said Director of Operations Todd Vine. “The traditional recipe doesn’t have tropical fruit. We added mango. The traditional recipe doesn’t have any heat. We have a version with mango and habanero.”

The sauce is the brainchild of CEO Francisco Pavan, who was born in Venezuela and immigrated to the United States when he was 18. He worked in finance, but craved the creation of something tangible, something that reminded him of home.

“This sauce kept coming back to me. I couldn’t find this sauce in the U.S., not even something similar to it,” he said.

So, he and Todd teamed up and created Kumana, named after a city in Venezuela, which is the longest- inhabited city in the Americas.

They hired food development lab Mattson to put together recipes and aid in production, and Kumana is now ready to hit the market with a sauce that’s truly different.

“A lot of our competitors have water or vinegar as their top ingredients,” said Pavan. “Our top four ingredients are all vegetables or fruits. We’re not selling you water and vinegar with flavor, we’re selling a mix that gives a great flavor profile to everything you’re eating.”

Kumana sauces come in three flavors: Be Hot, Be Original and Be Sweet. All the sauces are plant based, non-GMO with no added sugar.

For those who want to try Kumana sauces right away, they are currently available through and will soon be at a retailer near you.

Kumana will be available at Expo West on March 8th, 9th, and 10th. Booth #N941 in the north hall on level two.

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