Joyloop Launches Portable Pepper Mixes

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Joyloop is excited to announce the launch of its refrigerated pepper mixes in Northern California retailers. They feature a blend of veggies, peppers, vinegar, oil, and spices resulting in hot sauce flavor with coleslaw crunch. While the Pepper Mixes are a great option for saving listless leftovers, they’re also a simple way to bump up the flavor on your favorite dishes like pasta, salad, pizza, and eggs.

Growing up in Chicago, Adam Pollack, Joyloop’s founder and Chief Enjoyment Officer, drew inspiration for the product from one of the city’s best kept secrets – Giardiniera. Joyloop’s fresh take on this classic condiment aligns with the priorities of today’s shoppers. They start with the highest-quality ingredients and use a proprietary production process that optimizes for freshness.

“We don’t do preservatives. We don’t do chemicals. We don’t do GMOs,” says Pollack. “If it’s not fresh, it’s not joyloop.”

Suggested retail price is $2.29 for a 2oz portable pouch. The pouches come in a carton of 10and are available in select Bay Area retailers. Joyloop currently offers two varieties (hot and medium) with new flavors on the horizon.

“We’re just getting started,” said Pollack. “Our team is working on new and exciting flavors to spice up any meal.”

About Joyloop

Joyloop produces delicious, high-quality, veggie-based foods for people on the go.

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