Food for the Sole Enters the Market

BEND, Ore. — Julie Mosier, founder and owner of Food for the Sole announces that they have launched their website, offering tasty, nutritious and light-weight dehydrated packaged meals, perfect for any and all outdoor (or indoor!) adventures.

Food for the Sole is distinguished from its competitors by offering meals that have fantastic flavor, real texture, and whole ingredients. There are six initial offerings including a Garlic Green Bean and Cashew Stir Fry, Ratatouille with Quinoa, and a Peanut Super Slaw salad.

“We want food to be part of your adventure, not just fuel to keep you going. You should look forward to your meal almost as much as you do your activity,” said Mosier. “Too many packaged meals on the market are homogeneous in texture and flavor, that’s not enjoyable, and not much fun for your taste buds.”

Food for the Sole creates products that are made in small-batches to create the feeling that your food is fresh out of the kitchen.

“We believe that people want a better experience with their food while adventuring,” said Mosier. “And we create products to enhance their activities.”

About Food for the Sole

Food for the Sole, LLC was established in 2017. We provide dehydrated packaged meals for outdoor adventuring. Our meals are nutritious, lightweight, and packed with flavor. Food for the Sole is based in Bend, OR.

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