Cazengo Coffee Brings Angolan Coffee to US

LOS ANGELES — Cazengo Coffee announced the return of coffee from Angola, Africa, marking the first US import of Angolan coffee in over 40 years. “American coffee lovers can now order Angola’s exotic, bold flavor at” said Courtney Brown, Jr., Co-Owner of Cazengo Coffee.

The return of Angolan coffee to the U.S. is more than just a sales pitch. It’s a lesson in Angolan history – which is as rich as its coffee. Angola’s battle for independence from Portugal followed by civil war that lasted for decades, devastated Angola and abruptly ended its ranking as the fourth largest coffee producer in the world.

Cazengo Coffee was founded by the Miguel family, who had been Angolan coffee farmers for several generations prior to the wars. When war finally ended, Miguel began making his dream come true – restoring his parents and grandparents community back to a time when the smell of coffee permeated all corners of their village. Cazengo Coffee is born in the mountains of Banga and the valleys of Bolongongo and Kikulungo. The unique combination of rich soil, altitude and climate allow for Cazengo farmers to organically grow the finest beans on earth.

On May 5th, the Angolan Embassy in Washington D.C. will be serving Cazengo Coffee for the Around the World Embassy Tour – the crown jewel of Passport DC month. “Pre-launch tastings have already been wildly successful,” said Brown. “The one-of-a-kind, bold ‘Taste of Angola’ has been savored in the Main Dining Room at the World Bank and at the National Geographic Museum during a special screening of ‘Into the Okavango” Nat Geo’s acclaimed documentary recently premiered at Tribeca film festival.

Cazengo Coffee is proud to announce its partnership with The HALO Trust, the worlds leading humanitarian landmine clearance organization that is supported by Prince Harry and famously hosted Diana, Princess of Wales in Angola. Cazengo Coffee helps fund HALO’s efforts toward a landmine free world by 2025. Their removal restores priceless fertile land to Angolan farmers who are struggling to rebuild their lives and ensures children can walk to school and play safely.

American coffee lovers can support the cause by ordering today at Please make our motto become a reality – ‘Taste Angola. Clear Minefields. Better The World,'”

To celebrate the return of Angolan Coffee to America, all online orders are being offered at a discounted price and flat rate shipping for a limited time.

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