A Cajun Life to Launch New Line

PORTLAND, Ore. — Our Life Foods, maker of A Cajun Life seasonings, rubs, and mixes introduces their newest brand extension launching in April 2018. The new line, which includes Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Red Beans and Rice made with their Certified Cajun, naturally gluten free seasonings, are packed with flavor and easy to create.

After nearly 6 years operating and with an ever-growing list of local, regional and National retailers such as HEB, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Walmart, Publix, and more, A Cajun Life adds its first product line outside the seasoning aisle. This line of boxed goods launches at a time when consumers are looking for differentiated, easy to make meals that don’t take a lot of time. They are pre-measured, pre-seasoned meals that only require water, the recommended proteins, and are ready in 40 min or less.

A Cajun Life started in 2012 as a part time venture for Chris Fontenot. Having moved around the country with his corporate job, he quickly realized that very few people had experienced true Cajun cuisine. Upon moving to Oregon, he began cooking for his new circle of friends who convinced him to pursue opening a restaurant. Not wanting to quit his corporate job, he decided that opening a food cart on weekends would be a great way to test the concept and begin to build a brand. After successfully operating part-time, A Cajun Life eventually grew to 4 full time restaurant locations before closing them all in 2016 to focus on the rapidly growing line of seasonings and mixes that make up the company portfolio today.

“Delicious! Use them all the time! We use as our table salt too! Kids love them!” –  Customer review

“From the very early days of the food cart, our customers continually asked us to create something for them that they could easily make at home. We worked diligently on the recipes, continually editing and sending out to select customers until we felt like we finally had the flavor profiles that would resonate with our consumers but remain authentic to our Cajun heritage,” states A Cajun Life founder, Chris Fontenot. “It’s no surprise that retailers and consumers alike are already contacting us about this launch.”

“…Seasonings really enhance & bring out the flavor of the meats. Great products. Five stars all the way. Great Job Mr. Chris Fontenot & the entire Cajun Life Crew.” – A Cajun Life Seasoning review

This new product line features products that are Certified Cajun, contain no MSG, most are naturally Gluten Free and contain lower sodium, and they have packaging design that sets them apart on the shelf.

A Cajun Life is a Cajun lifestyle product company providing authentic Cajun Seasonings, Rubs, Mixes, and Lifestyle products.

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