Tucson Tamale Debuts Green Chile Chicken Tamale

TUCSON, AZ–– Tucson Tamale, pioneer of hand-made tamales sourced with organic non-GMO corn, announced the addition of a new flavor to its family of frozen aisle and deli meal packages: Green Chile Chicken. The new flavor is crafted with real Hatch chilies from New Mexico and fresh ingredients, offering a quick a healthy meal that only needs to be steamed until ready to eat. The new flavor is available for retailers nationwide.

“The Hatch green chile sauce is definitely the star of this tamale,” said Todd Martin, co-founder and owner of Tucson Tamale. “Our Green Chile Chicken tamales have been a customer favorite in our Tucson restaurants ever since we opened, and we finally have the ability to offer this to our growing family of retailers. We can’t wait for customers to try a tamale that we’ve been enjoying in the Southwest for years.”

Tucson Tamale’s new Green Chile Chicken tamale slow simmers tender chicken in Hatch green chile sauce wrapped in non-GMO white corn masa. Conveniently available in the freezer aisle, these meals steam up in the microwave or on the stovetop in mere minutes. Shoppers can purchase a pack of 2 tamales for $5.99. Flavor details include:
• Green Chile Chicken – Simply delicious handmade tamales with tasty chicken in Hatch green chile sauce wrapped in non-GMO white corn masa.
– 2 tamales per pack
– Naturally gluten free
– Organic non-GMO white corn
– 100% Fire Roasted Hatch Green Chile
– Expeller pressed non-GMO oil

Like all Tucson Tamale products, the masa used for the Green Chile Chicken uses the ancient Mesoamerican process of nixtamalization to make corn products that are more nutritious and have a delicious, more authentic corn taste. The nixtamalization process includes soaking the corn kernels in an alkaline solution (limewater), which removes the hull, revealing the nutritious germ inside the kernel. Without the nixtamalization process, the nutritious center of the corn is not absorbed because humans are unable to digest the kernel’s outer shell. With the shell removed, our corn tamales are easier to digest, as well as more nutritious than other corn products. Like the Aztec’s before us, our corn is organic and non-GMO. It’s important that our tamales reclaim the ancient goodness that corn provided our ancestors. We make corn’s ancient goodness convenient for shoppers to pick up in their local grocer’s freezer case.

Tucson Tamale is available online through the brand’s website and as well as at traditional and specialty grocers across the county. For more information on Tucson Tamale, its products and ingredients, please visit

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