SunTropics Releases Dairy Free Coconut Rice Pudding

SAN RAMON, Calif– In response to increasing demand for coconut products, SunTropics has announced ordering availability to retailers for its new dairy and gluten free coconut milk based pudding in four unique flavors: Original, Sea Salt Caramel, Cinnamon, and Classic Cocoa. Each small batch of whole coconut milk, Thai rice, and freshly shaved coconut is slowly simmered without the use of preservatives and poured into single-serving cups.

“According to recent studies, we see that healthy snacks, convenience foods, and all things coconut are currently on trend in the food market,” says SunTropics co-founder Sharon Lao. “In response, we decided to share one of our long-time family favorites from the islands — and it’s just as good in snack-sized cups!”

Think small simmering batches of whole coconut milk, young coconut pieces, and Thai rice poured into single serving cups.

The individual portions of pure coconut milk based puddings are projected to be a hit among consumers. “Coconut is the new black,” announces Organic Authority writer Kate Gavlick. “2017 is going to be all coconut, all of the time.” Analysis experts of Whole Foods Market agree, naming “Coconut Everything” as one of the top 10 trends of 2017.

But the coconut craze is not the only appeal to consumer demand. As the only dairy free option alongside traditional pudding snack cups, the coconut rice puddings are also forecast to be a hit among both gluten and dairy free demographics. And with no refrigeration required, busy consumers can enjoy the snack with a peel of the package at room temperature, chilled, or heated in the microwave, for an experience Lao describes as “fresh from the stove.”

About SunTropics

The Lao family founded SunTropics in 2002 in response to the lack of natural tropical fruit products that originated from real fruit rather than artificial flavors. Coining the motto, “Taste More Fruit,” they determined to create and share the true taste of the tropics by maintaining integrity in their ingredients. Today, they are the leading natural tropical fruit juice and snack company on the West Coast. The SunTropics family is dedicated to fair treatment and to the communities from which their products derive.

SunTropics Coconut Rice Puddings can be found through national distributors. Please write or call 888-323-7888 for samples, additional product information, or to be connected with a nearby distributor.

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