Petit Pot Launches New Package Design

San Francisco, Calif. (October 17, 2017) — Petit Pot, purveyor of creamy and delectable desserts, is going USDA Organic and lowering its suggested retail price with the launch of a new package design. Famous for their creamy Pot de Crème (French for delicious pudding) & Riz Au Lait (French for delicious rice pudding), Petit Pot is the first premium clean-label pudding that’s both organic and kosher.

“It’s the French way to always ask for more satisfaction from our desserts,” said Petit Pot Founder Maxime Pouvreau. “Moving to organic ingredients felt like the natural next step to continue to elevate the experience.”

Petit Pot desserts come in signature glass jars now with a refreshed look and feel. Following customer requests for a more perfect portion, Petit Pot’s line of Pot De Crème will go from 4. oz. jars to 3.5 oz. jars and cost a whole dollar less at $2.99 MSRP. With flavors like Dark Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Lemon Curd and Coffee, these organic Pot de Crème are made to delight any sweet tooth.

Petit Pot is also launching a Riz Au Lait single serve jar (previously only sold in twin packs of two.) The Riz Au Lait comes in 4 oz. glass jars the same new low price $2.99 MSRP.

USDA Organic and Kosher, the new packaging offers the same luxurious taste with even more premium clean label ingredients.

About Petit Pot

Founded in San Francisco 2015 by a French pastry chef, Petit Pot purveys the most luxurious, creamy, rich and gourmet Pot de Crème (French for delicious pudding) and Riz Au Lait (French for delicious rice pudding) available in retail stores. Made with organic milk, cream and sugar, a transporting spoonful of a dessert by Petit Pot evokes the best of culinary France every time. The perfect after dinner treat or host gift at a dinner party, Petit Pot makes gourmet puddings designed to please the senses. Founded by a French Pastry Chef with Michelin Star experience, Petit Pot combines a short list of clean ingredients into sublime dessert experiences.

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