New Zealand Natural Goods Introduces New Manuka Honey Candy

LOS ANGELES — New Zealand Natural Goods, a Los Angeles based, family owned importer and distributor of specialty food products from New Zealand, is introducing an exciting new Manuka Honey Candy designed specifically for the specialty food and gift market.

Available in two flavors Manuka Honey Drops and Manuka Honey and Lemon Drops the Candies come in a distinctive oval-pack design that can either stand by itself on shelf, or hang.

“There are a number of Manuka Honey Drops on the market targeted at grocery, however Kiwo Drops are unique to the market; their oval pack design supports our goal of supplying this Manuka Honey Candy, a highly sought-after product exclusively to the specialty and gift trade.”

The new line has been launched into a small number of specialty retailers throughout the West Coast, and the interest and sell through has been fantastic.It is a great item for fall and for the Holiday’s.

Kiwo is a Wellington based, family owned business with family ties to beekeeping since 1922. Kiwo brings together Nature, Taste and Style with their mission to introduce unique South Pacific honey products to the world.

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