Dunya Harvest Showcases New Canning Facility With Organic Bean Line

500992266.organicbpafreelining.redkidneybeans.dunyaharvestANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA– The team at Shah Trading Company is pleased to announce that their brand, Dunya Harvest, will be featured for the very first time.

Shah Trading Company has been a family-owned and operated company for more than forty years, offering a premier selection of ethnic and natural foods across Canada. The company has become known as the country’s leading ethnic food distributor, and now, Shah Trading Company’s Dunya Harvest is offering a selection of high quality natural and organic foods.

Dunya Harvest also recently announced that they have become a fully accredited canning plant. Now, the company is able to easily can their own products and create private label items. A recently published video gives viewers a virtual tour of Dunya Harvest’s canning facility.

Among the benefits of the new canning facility includes the creation of low sodium products with BPA-free liners. According to Shah Trading Company’s VP of Business Development, “Consumers tend to shy away from canned beans because of perceived sodium levels or the idea that canned beans are ‘processed.’ But the canned bean industry has come a long way, our lining is BPA-free and our beans are low sodium and 100% natural. They only contain three ingredients: the bean, water and sea salt.”

“We are targeting busy young families who manage hectic schedules but want healthier choices for their meals. Our canned bean line is the perfect pantry item: healthy, nutritious, versatile, cost-conscious, and ready-to-eat,” said Shah.

Dunya Harvest’s processes are handled completely in house, which means a significant reduction in production costs that is passed down to retailers and ultimately consumers. “Our products come in raw material straight from the farmer to our warehouse and are cleaned, cooked, canned, packed and shipped directly from our warehouse. We test and sample every batch we cook in house, controlling the process from start to finish,” said Shah.

Dunya Harvest is now accepting clients who would like to create their own private label brands. Details are available at

About Shah Trading Company

Shah Trading Company is Canada’s leading manufacturer of healthy, organic, specialty and ethnic pantry staples. This family owned and operated company has been bringing retailers the foods of the world since 1974.The Shah team works directly with its network of growers and producers around the world to deliver its customers authentic pantry staples from regions such as Asia, South America, the Mediterranean, and Africa. With production and warehouse space in Toronto, Montreal and New Jersey, Shah Trading offers rapid delivery, personal service and up-to-date certifications such as SQF. The Shah Trading team prides itself in its deep understanding of the growing specialty food industry and regularly serves as a valued resource of category and cultural information to its customers.

For more information about Dunya Harvest, please visit Dunya Harvest on social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @DunyaHarvest.

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