Dave’s Gourmet Introduces Hot Sauce Bottle Kit

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – What do wine, whiskey, and hot sauce all have in common?

With oak aging, they all develop additional complexity, depth, and richness. The hot sauce pioneer who created the super hot-hot sauce niche with Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce has created another first: the first hot sauce aging bottle kit. His one-of-a-kind gift pack lets you try aging hot sauce for yourself. Imagine unleashing more flavor from your favorite hot sauce!

The pack includes an oak speed aging bottle and two bottles of Cool Cayenne Hot Sauce, which ages beautifully. Add one Cool Cayenne to the oak bottle and let it rest for several months in a cool, dark place (not a refrigerator). The hot sauce ingredients will mellow and fuse together while deepening in flavor. After 3 months, some of the hot sauce will have evaporated so use the second bottle to top off. Supplies are limited so order soon.

“Oak bottles have been used to age hot sauce to perfection for well over a century,” says Dave Hirschkop, founder of Dave’s Gourmet. “Open the oak bottle each month to check on your experiment. It is really fun to taste your way through the aging process.”

About Dave’s Gourmet

Dave’s Gourmet is the creator of the incendiary Dave’s Insanity Sauce. An eighteen-time Specialty Food Association sofi award winner, Dave’s Gourmet makes hot sauces, Creamy hot sauces, premium organic pasta sauces, and Overnight Oats by Dave’s Naturals. Find out about the latest innovation from Dave’s Gourmet and why the parent company has been called the “Hottest Culinary Experience” by the New York Times or “legendary” by the Washington Post by visiting them online at

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