Chocolate Maker TCHO Launches New Micro-Batch Series

BERKELEY, Calif.– TCHO Chocolate (pronounced “cho”), the award-winning San Francisco Bay Area chocolate maker, has announced a new micro-batch offering dubbed TCHO Maker’s Series. Launching later this month, Maker’s Series batches will be limited to approximately 500 bars, and will be exclusively available online and at TCHO’s private tour and store location in Berkeley, California (due to open for private tours in the Fall). The company will release a new Maker’s Series micro-batch six times per year and says it will soon be available as a subscription, “with additional perks,” similar to a high-end wine club.

The inspiration behind the Maker’s Series is to explore and co-create new and unique chocolate concepts with and for TCHO fans. Chief Chocolate Maker, Brad Kintzer, describes the Maker’s Series as “a space where we can interact with our fans to exchange totally new chocolate ideas—however curious and rare— and then bring them to life on a small scale for us all to enjoy.” Ari Morimoto, TCHO’s Director of Marketing, adds, “the American consumer base is awakening to the idea of chocolate being more than candy and is demanding a more sophisticated product. Similar to what we have seen in coffee, wine, beer and cheese, the diversity of chocolate offerings has exploded.”

The company’s first bar in the new Maker’s Series is the Golden Milk bar, based on the recently popularized Ayurvedic drink of the same name. The bar showcases spices and ingredients such as turmeric, crystallized ginger, cardamom, and black pepper in a 45% cacao content dark milk chocolate. The Golden Milk bar and 6 other TCHO bars, were awarded medals at the International Chocolate Awards last month.

The TCHO Maker’s Series limited run of Golden Milk will be available for pre-order on July 20th and available for shipment starting Monday July 24th at

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